Saturday, October 31, 2009

another game, another loss

Christmas came early for the team dressed in red and green. I almost can't belief we lost to another team at the bottom of the league. I had a bad feeling about it even before Higgins and my man Avery were held out with undisclosed conditions. At least it wasn't a massacre, but I'm officially sick of losing, especially when every other team in our division/conference seems to be raking in the points. That bitch Crosby clinched another shootout yesterday. I have to say I'm nervous about tomorrow's afternoon game against Boston. First of all it's in the afternoon, and we all know how that usually plays out. Maybe we should just let the Hartford Wolf Pack stand in because it seems every time we call someone up they score their first NHL goal. Hopefully Ranger-killer Rask takes the day off after scoring a shutout today. I'd much rather face the struggling Vezina winner Tim Thomas. Maybe it will be like a few season back where we swept the Bruins and every game was a rout. That would be awesome. Prospal hat trick - enough assists already, time to catch up in the goals column.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Forget what I said last post

I hate the Islanders. I hope they don't in another game all season (except against the Devils, Flyers and Penguins)! Man you give those jerks a little sympathy and they walk all over you! Plus we played like crap, as eidenced from these photos. You know things are going badly when you spend this much time looking into your own net. Someone (maybe Larry Brooks?) described this Gaborik-less team on Wednesday looking like last season's Rangers and I couldn't agree more. They were throwing week shots all night and the good ones all banged off the posts or the crossbar.Ineffectual. So irritating. Hopefully my Blueshirts have pulled their shit together for tonight's tilt against another struggling team, the Minnesota Wild. I would love Gabby going in there and scoring at least 5 goals on them, but it looks like he'll be sitting this one out too. Maybe Avery will do his best Gaborik impersonation. That would be a blast.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the wrong 2 points

Well the hockey gods decided to shine their divine light upon the Rangers raised sticks last night, but like I said they're a fickle bunch. Why couldn't we win against the Devils or Montreal who we have a papable dislike for instead of Phoenix who are not only out of our conference, but actually a team I like and root for? Especially now that they have Prucha and the Korpedo. I could stomach those two putting up points far quicker than Gomez. I just finally watched the Habs preshow and every time they showed Gomez (which was plenty) I made the same squanched face my cat makes when I'm gonna flick her nose in punishment or she's smelled something funky. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to beat every team, but I'm pulling for the Coyotes. Another secret: I'm kinda pulling for the Isles too. Not to beat us, not at all, but I think they're a better team than their record last year or this season thus far. Of course they got Tavares for their pain, and I'm sure I'll be cursing them sooner than later. Right now, I'll take tomorrow's game and worry about them afterward.

Ps: I have my fingers crossed that Gaborik is just a little sore and not hurt but, Gabby, maybe this isn't the best celebration pose for a certain someone with groin and hip issues.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toujour fraises, tout le temps

I hate playing at the Bell Centre because even when we come away with a win, Henrik ends up eating so many pucks. Last night was no different. We emerged with just one point after leading by two goals on two occasions. At this stage of the season I'll take the point and be done with it, but it doesn't feel nice to have Snotty Gomez' smug face all up in mine. He's like Dave Attell's ugly shorter brother. We spent far too much time in our own zone with no one protecting Henrik from pucks or other skaters. I think the formation pictured might have to become routine just to protect our King. This time he was even run by our own guy (Thanks Dubi!). Thank heavens Henrik came away unscathed. In good news, Del Zotto is still atop points by defensemen and the Avery-Drury-Kotalik line that I've been waiting all season for performed marvelously. Now if we can get everyone scoring, it be an easy ride to April. A little far-fetched, but I'll settle for a strong effort against Phoenix tomorrow night at MSG. Sorry Prucha!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I will give a Gaboreus a shield and a stick

So I thought I made a deal with the Hockey gods this week: The Sharks could take Monday -even in a a rout- if the Rangers would then prevail Thursday and Saturday against the Devils then the Habs. The thing is I picture the hockey heavens like Clash of the Titans with all the various figureheads battling amongst themselves for superiority and command in the most melodramatic way possible. Kinda like the GMs at the NHL draft with a lot more bitchiness. Anyway they must be a fickle bunch to let my boys conquer for 7 games straight, just to take all their glory away with two mediocre losses. Especially to the Devils. I fucking hate losing to Brodeur. Fortunately I haven't had to stomach it often, so this had better not be the start of a new trend. Also Laurence Olivier had better not take into his Zeus-size brain to break off Gaborik's hip before placing #10 in Olympus' model hockey rink. How will Gaborik defeat the Cracken (Crosby? Emery?) if he's on IR? Well I hope the powers that be are feeling in favor with the Rangers this weekend because I'd very much like to leave Bell Centre with 2 points.
There have been some highlights despite the losing streak this week. First was dearly departed Freddie Sjostom's first goal as a Flame. It's a beauty and look at Freddie's happy smiley face. Love that guy still, especially because he's in the west and we only play him once this season. What are the chances that Freddie didn't want to be shown up by that other Swede, 9 year-old Oliver Wahlstrom, so he came up with his own spinorama? I say pretty good.

My favorite Swede Henrik Lundqvist also softened the blow last night with his post game interview. Hopefully y'all saw it because he said something to the effect that he loves beating the Devils then looks into the camera, winks and says, "We'll get them next time!" Delicious. Might be his best interview moment since beating the USA in the 2006 Olympics. And not to be upstaged, Sean Avery debuted his own website this week. Very promising. Check out the 2nd photo of him taunting Flyers fans, but be forewarned - I noticed razor burn near his manline when I clicked open the page 2 shirtless photo. Very disturbing, but I love the Avery shirt even if it looks a little like tattoo art out of a cracker jack box. At least Avery's gear is better than Ovie's!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my cars shift themselves

Except for picking this photo, I'm not gonna dwell on how truly crap last night's game was. Instead I'll enumerate the things I did enjoy. First and foremost was the luxury suite I somehow lucked into (thank you J!). I always thought that the suites weren't worth it, because they're even higher than the blue seats at MSG. Turns out the view was fantastic. I had a clear unobstructed view of the Sharks scoring 6 consecutive goals, plus one for luck. Yay me! I did love the overhead perspective. It was so easy to follow the play and spot the numerous mismanaged plays before they even resulted in goals against. Plus I had the best angle of Avery in the penalty box. He was like a little kid in a time out, swinging his legs and pouting until he was let back out to play. On his behalf, it was like a flashback to March when the refs turned a blind eye to every transgression against him like he was a convicted child molester on his first day in prison. And how about that goalie interference against Henrik that resulted in the 6th tally? I'd be more upset about it if the game hadn't been fully lost at that point.

Back to the positive. I missed yet another Versus telecast. I'm sure the fine people over at VS know a lot more about hockey than I do, but they don't know as much about the Rangers as I do and it's just plain frustrating having to listen to their commentary. Also I love that Del Zotto scored his fourth and still leads defensemen in points as of this morning. Forget Hedman, DZ is the rookie D of the year. Can we vote for the Calder now? Hopefully this game just provided a blueprint for how not to play from here on out. I want Devils' blood on my hands come Thursday night, it is nearly Halloween after all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good guys wear white, right?

I've spent a lot of time with Canadians this week. The Rangers faced off against Toronto twice, taking both contests and in between I faced off against a bunch of drunk Canucks at Joel Plaskett's Brooklyn gig. I think the Canadians took that one because they were 8 feet tall (2.4384 meters) and I was at their mercy all night while they pushed me out of my spot and talked, shouted, and sang through every song. Joel was of course a delight, which highlights my problem with Canada. Love the musicians, comedians, filmmakers, not so fond of the people. This is especially true at the Garden when the opposition scores and suddenly hordes of enemies stand and cheer. Usually I haven't even spotted the traitor sitting so close to me, but when they celebrate I just want to take them out, figuratively of course!
Fortunately we didn't give Leafs fans much to cheer this week. 3 goals to 11 is a healthy margin, so I'll let their celebration pass. Not to gloat because I know that eventually we'll be on the losing end too, and it doesn't feel nice. Right now though I'm loving this team, loving the way they play. Dubinsky's goals last night highlights how much better the Rangers are today than exactly a year ago. Dubi's breaking in 3 on 2 and instead of passing, he just wrists it right into the net. As long as we have this type of energy and attack I will even stomach another team beating us, because hopefully that's what they'll have to do. Also this Del Zotto kid is a gift. He' got one more game before he's officially a full time Ranger, but I think he's the real thing. I just don't foresee him falling apart. Tapering off maybe, because right now he leads all defensemen in points. Way to go rookie!

Tomorrow my boys are back in blue against the Sharks. My fuzzy touch socks are all clean and ready for another run. I wonder if that Ortmeyer guy from 4 seasons ago will be in the house shouting for his guy? I loved ya Jed, but I won't be rooting for you or Pickles come tomorrow. I'm greedy, I want number 8!

Friday, October 16, 2009

home sweet home

If these are the only 3 games I see this season at MSG, then I'd be happy. A total of 12 goals for, 4 against (just like a certain diorama!). As much I would have liked for Henrik to record a shutout too, he played tremendously. I just love that guy and I hope the team makes more of an effort to keep these villians out of his crease. I don't want him injured!

All in all a great week at the garden. Larry danced twice. The new gardenvision clips are a delight, and they even used little Herb Brooks. Vinnie Prospal's perma-tan is my new favorite thing. And I think it's even real. Doesn't he live in Florida? Why is he as orange as this fan? If it's real it only confirms Avery's faketan misconceptions. I'm glad these are the questions plaguing me right now. Keep it coming boys.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

crushing the competition

I took this photo myself, after a heated pileup in Henrik's crease last night against the Maple Leafs. My two fellas gravitated right toward each other and I can only imagine they're discussing which restaurant they're gonna celebrate at later that night. Avery: "Which suit did you wear?" Well they definitely deserve some fun after routing Toronto 7-2, marking 5 in a row after dropping the opening tilt. Everyone contributed. Avery had 2 goals (must have read yesterday's post!) and even Redden had 3 points. You know things are clicking when Wade gets on the board. Now we just have to wake up Rozsy and it's all over. Just hand us the cup. I tease, but my boys in blue have been fantastic. Composed, aggressive. Their passes have been as crisp as I've ever seen them. I did notice a few lost opportunities to clear our zone that I'd like to clean up, but I'll let it go with that type of lead in the third. Now the Kings come in for a visit and I'd like Avery to notch a hat trick, show them how much he likes New York. Maybe with pushups?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Does the team even need me right now?

They're on fire. Valli shut it down last night, although to be honest it might have helped that I was sitting so close. I was closer than I've ever been, including watching the pre-game skate. That's pretty darn close. I was right behind the visitors net which thankfully was the only one scored upon. Only problem, I couldn't actually witness the puck hitting net because everyone stood up and I felt shorter than a toddler trying to peer over the shoulders to see an event that already happened. Still it was beautiful and a feeling and vista I hope to repeat tonight against Toronto. Will Avery get his first of the season? Will Colton Orr and Brashear throw down? Will Henrik get his own shutout? We'll know about 12 hours from now. My fingers are crossed and they probably don't even need to be.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

let's do it again!

Ok, so this Kotalik celebrating (thank you Kotalik!) but Cally, Cally, Cally, I'm crazy about you. So happy you're a Ranger. After almost missing Thursday's game with a back spasms he comes out and just detroys it, scoring a beauty to tie it up early and just basically making every great decision. The rest of the team really locked it down too, making up for a uncharacteristic gaffe by Henrik. When was the last that happened? So fun.

So in my mind, Ovechkin is the new Teemu Selanne. They've both been on fire so far this season. We managed to keep Ovie off the scoreboard, now this afternoon we have to do the same with Teemu. He pulled a Gaborik yesterday against Philly, scoring twice in the 3rd. Not tonight.

Also Avery should be back at MSG tonight. I'm so excited. It's his first game, it's my first game. We're like twinnies!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another trip across the river, another win

There's nothing I love more than beating Brodeur, especially in his own arena, and our boys did it with drama and flair Monday night. After a horrendous start the Rangers showed some finish, some defense, some skill. Yeah, yeah it was a 3-2 win, but I take it any day. Hopefully our defense will only get stronger. For many reasons I wish this game had been telecast on MSG if only to see Avery give Gilroy a solid pat for potting his first NHL goal on ole fatty. Avery's smile must have as broad as his beautiful scar will allow. His boy done good.

So I swung past the NHL store today to see if the were stocking any new season merch I had to have. Luckily I ordered the new lady fuzzy touch blue sock online because not only did they not have them, but if you want to buy anything at the store you have to look at an insulting bobblehead of Sidney Crosby. That would be bad enough with his ugly lips molding in plastic, but this one was a special 2009 edition holding a Stanley Cup. Yuck. I think the Rangers have to win tomorrow just to make it up to me and burn that image out of my brain. It can be a tight win, just want 2 points.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ready for the real thing

Besides that fact that I should have been one of these fans in the stands last night, this is what I'd like to see more of. Our top line was on fire. Everyone was pressing but in the best possible way. Defense wasn't egregious, they even scored a goal - Del Zotto's first in the NHL. It was beautiful and sparkley just like him. I would like to limit the shots on Henrik, but thankfully he had a strong night. I might even be loving Torts a bit because from every indication Sean Avery's gonna be sporting an A when he finally hits the ice. I have to think that will be tomorrow night against New Jersey at the Rock. A is for Avery after all just like Sally at Zetterburger so expertly predicted earlier this summer. I can't imagine #16 not skating in tomorrow's contest. If he's even 60% they'd have to put him in a straightjacket to keep him out of Brodeur's kitchen. I for one am more than ready for A and B to get to know each other a little better.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaky Friday

I didn't think Tortorella and I had much in common, but we were both making this face last night! Mine was in response to, "Really, Crosby's gotta score on a crazy scramble? Seriously it had to be him?" I know it's unreasonable to find Sydney's success more objectionable than Malkin's, but that's just the way I see it. Maybe it's the incessant whining by #87. Speaking of, I took my cat out of the house this morning and she cried the whole time. I tried to calm her down by admonishing her with, "You don't want to be like Sydney Crosby, do you?" Turns out she did. I can't argue, it works for him.

Not that it was a terrible game. We had some decent possession, our passing was far crisper than seasons past. We just couldn't pot it in the net. That hasn't changed. Fleury made some great saves, bailed the Pens out a couple of times. Henrik did too, and he was facing a lot more traffic in front.

Why is it that the Pens can pinch and score and we do the same and it leads to an odd man rush? I think it's because they've been ordained by some higher power to basically annoy every other team in the league. That's why they won the post-lockout lottery that brought Crosby and his hideous purple lips into our lives. The NHL definitely has some part in this plot too. Did you see that too many men on the ice penalty that was mysteriously uncalled? Remember that time in the Stanley cup finals when Pittsburgh had like 8 guys on the ice and the ref staring right at them managed to miss it? I hope they gave the refs a shout-out during the Stanley Cup banner ceremony, or maybe Crosby "thanked" them before the game. Whatever.

Anyway, Philly had the game we were supposed to have, 2-0 over Carolina in the Hurricanes' house. The Flyers must have promised Emery a fully loaded crackpipe if he scored a shutout. The North American stuff is so much better than that Soviet shit. Is this tone to bitter for a game 1? Well hopefully I'll be full of smiles and platitudes later tonight. If we can manage to just lose to Pittsburgh we should be able to clean up against Ottawa.

Let's go boys!

Friday, October 2, 2009

readyish to go

Hello everybody!
Today's the day! I meant to write a more involved post, but it didn't shape up. I'll just say I hope that this campaign is similar to the post lock-out 2005-06, maybe with a better stretch run. Gaborik will score over 50 goals, Henrik will be the King of Kings coming home with Olympic gold and another Vezina nomination, and we'll confound teams on a nightly basis. Forget day games! Do you think it's a coincidence that Ottawa pushed their game up to 2 pm after we dropped that noon game against the Caps? No, me neither.

Alright, let's demolish those Pens and ruin their ceremony.