Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's never easy

The Rangers are making me crazy with their newfound will to lose. And of course Carolina refuses to cooperate and fade away. We're trailing 1-4 going into the the third against the lowly Isles. Not a happy Blueshirt. Still 3 goals is not insurmountable, so I'll be crossing my fingers and acting crazy for at least another 40 mins. C'mon the MZA, C'mon Avery, let's see some magic!

The Washington Post is also driving me batty. I keep checking Twitter and Google for news on the 2011 Peeps Show, but to no avail. If the powers that be at WaPo have made up their minds, they've yet to inform the public.

Still I thought y'all might enjoy some more pix from our peeps diorama entry "BlackPeep". It's really meant to be viewed front-on, but I dig this reverse angles. It shows off the synchronicity of the bunnirinas. Also I forgot to mention that Black Peep doubles as a music box, playing what else...Swan Lake.

I have a lot of faith that both outcomes, the season and the contest, will be positive. Yeah, yeah.

Monday, March 28, 2011

feelin' it

How proud are you of our New York Rangers? They have been delivering the goods down this stretch. And basically all season. Even losing, they rarely disappoint, that is what is so special about this campaign. Maybe it's because we been inside the playoff hunt most of the season, but it feels pretty fabulous to be chasing the teams ahead rather then fighting for eighth. There's still 6 to go, but I'm feeling pretty confident this squad can get it done. The whole team has worked hard, but I kneel at the feet of our King. Henrik has been spectacular down the stretch and I only hope those Vezina murmurs have rippled beyond NYC, because he definitely warrants consideration. One disappointment - memorable post-games. This team is great and good on the ice - off it, just plain boring. Avery's been neutered when they bother to speak to him at all. I love Boyle and Staal but their post-game chats are beyond stale. I only have Henrik's loving glances to look forward to. At least the Devils have shirtless locker room footage. Give me something to work with MSG! Still a minor complaint seeing as we're tied for 6th. Can you imagine a 7 game series like Saturday's game? Hard on the heart, but I'd be pretty happy with Boston. I'd take on Washington again too. Can't count on routing them like we did this season, but some retribution for 08-09 might be on the menu. If I could control fate, I would avoid anything in PA for two reasons. One, I'd hate losing to either team and two, I hate even looking at them. Oh wait I just thought of a third reason, the refs. Penguins - we'll get all the calls against real and imagined. Flyers - will poke and pull while the refs do their nails -or whatever their rationale is. So fingers crossed for 6th or 7th!

Well, while our heroes in blue have been putting together their run toward the cup two points at a time, I too have been working towards a crowning achievement. Yessirree, it Peeps time! Me and my DC BFF Shannon worked up BlackPeep for the 5th annual Washington Post Peep Contest. Now that it's big sister Black Swan has been released on DVD today, it time for our peeps diorama to wow the world.

We wanted to show both sides of Natalie Peepman's performance so we staged it on a stage with Tomas' ballet studio on the left and Nina's solo on the right. We hope you love it, and that the Post does too. Hopefully Black Peep will be a little luckier than my poor passed over Peepitals. Here's to great things in April, wish us all luck!