Thursday, August 12, 2010

what's going on?

What are the chances the NHL will nullify Wade Redden's contract? Wouldn't that be a dream, especially after Larry Brooks laid out a worst-case Rangers scenario this past weekend. Not that I wasn't trying to find a spot for Avery on my lineup sheet as well, but I'd rather just ignore that possibility as long as possible. All in all I think the Rangers have had a fair free agency. I love Biron, ok with Frolov, preferred Shelley, but will give Boogey a chance. I'm pleased we didn't go all in for Kovalchuk. I kinda figured the arbitration would be more tasty, but Lamoriello V. Bettman is kinda a lose-lose for me. Personally I'd like to see Kovy land in LA. Devils will probably still win the division, those assholes!

So my two sports worlds collided this past weekend when Roger Federer, that extremely cool and handsome guy in white celebrated his birthday with none other than Sidney Crosby! What kinda of demented nightmare was this? Although Crosby looks more like a creepy delivery boy in this pic. Hey Rogers Cup, next time get some Shanny up in there, or anyone but Sid. Federer is currently in Toronto for the main warmup to the US Open. I've been mentally spending a lot of time there because due to the tournament and a screening of Scott Pilgrim V. The World I had the great fortune to see this week. It's excellent and can't be missed. No hockey action for a film set in Canada, still I cannot recommend it enough. Eagle-eyed Sloan fans may recognize a certain bass guitar in battle 3, not too surprising given that Chris Murphy taught the cast how to rock, or at least fake it.

Here's to Roger and his run for a 17th slam at Flushing Meadows. Here's to Scott Pilgrim, may you reign at number 1. Here's to a great training camp (Please sign Marc Staal!). Here's to a great rest of the summer. Enjoy it y'all!