Sunday, October 4, 2009

ready for the real thing

Besides that fact that I should have been one of these fans in the stands last night, this is what I'd like to see more of. Our top line was on fire. Everyone was pressing but in the best possible way. Defense wasn't egregious, they even scored a goal - Del Zotto's first in the NHL. It was beautiful and sparkley just like him. I would like to limit the shots on Henrik, but thankfully he had a strong night. I might even be loving Torts a bit because from every indication Sean Avery's gonna be sporting an A when he finally hits the ice. I have to think that will be tomorrow night against New Jersey at the Rock. A is for Avery after all just like Sally at Zetterburger so expertly predicted earlier this summer. I can't imagine #16 not skating in tomorrow's contest. If he's even 60% they'd have to put him in a straightjacket to keep him out of Brodeur's kitchen. I for one am more than ready for A and B to get to know each other a little better.

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