Monday, September 24, 2007

hit me with your best shot

Hollweg and Simon are on the ice together for the first time since that time, Colton Orr racks up 30 MINUTES in penalties and not one TV station shows the game?! Come on, people. Also, come on, Rangers. Seriously, you can't only win when I'm there. I appreciate the loyalty, really, but I appreciate wins even more.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What the F was with tonight's effort

-3! Maybe Chris Drury won't make the team. Also, I was slightly concerned about Henrik having a slow start. I hope this game isn't a harbinger of our season start. Eeck!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

boys always work it out

Some would say that the Rangers getting pummeled while roughly 80 percent of their payroll is on the ice — last night's game was played by Shanahan, Avery, Straka, two backup goalies and a roster of hungry (and effective) kids, utility men (yay, Betts!), a desperate (and good -- we love you, Kaspar!) Kasparaitis, who all managed to hold off the Devils at nearly full strength — is a bad sign. I just think it means Saturday night's team was bummed that the Friday squad got us in the building on their first night while they didn't.

Also, we're still 12 days away from the games counting, right? I'm reserving judgment on Gomez and Drury until then.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I don't get down on the first night

Look! Look look look! It's my gorgeous season tickets! Ohh. Aren't they lovely, made from love? (No, you can't see my barcode, section or seat. Step back you're dancing kind of close.)

Tonight is our first game. New seats. We went for the Blue plan instead of the White one — don't worry, we got our Leetch seats as well — so now we're on the other side of Henrik. But now we can watch the bench. That'll make tracking the line changes way easier. Also, more night games and fewer weekends. When you work as close to the Garden as Dollie does (and as I soon will - eeee!) the after-work games just make more sense.

Sadly, I presume we won't be as close to the bathroom or bar. Such are the sacrifices we must make.

laugh of the day (so far)

Generally, Best Week Ever blog posts by Dan Hopper get a side-eye and a sneer from me. The dude is a Penguins fan, for one thing, and likened Bruce Springsteen to "an inside joke" he "doesn't get" — we've now moved from the side-eye to the rolling eye.

Anyway, although my dismissal of this man is known mainly only to myself and Edgar the eMac (yes, I yell in Edgar's general direction when things I read online upset me), I'm still going to take this moment to acknowledge that the guy isn't a total loss. Mainly because he noted this New York Post Patriots "caught cheating" gem, thereby delivering my biggest laugh of the day.

NYP, I salute you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I think he's been looking over at my bit of paper

Dollie's in Queens with Andy and Roger (not Taylor). So I am a) bored and b) going to take this opportunity to somehow fit "Flight of the Conchords" into this blog.

Thankfully, my sick mind made it easy. You see, I was on the Rangers site before, and there's an interview with Henrik Lunqvist (hitting up the training center a week early), and when I saw it, I thought, "Henrik, I love you ..." in the style of the "Sally, I Love You" song on "FoTC."

Here's what's amazing though: While Dollie and I both love Henrik (who doesn't?!) we haven't had a Bret vs. Jemaine rivalry over it. I think we can probably thank Matt Cullen for keeping it from becoming a big problem last season (it was nearly a problem the season before), so now that Matt Cullen is gone, will the elbowing begin? If so, we can only hope that it inspires this level of creative genius.

Jemaine, I love you ...