Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it July 1st already?

So heavens, what has happened since I last checked in? Blackhawks pulled it out, no not that way, but the 16 wins needed to lift the Stanley Cup. Congratulations Chicago. I for one am so glad they did, although I had my doubts when Hartnell tied it up off of Hossa's skate, would the curse continue? I wanted the Flyers to lose so badly except for my beloved Blair Betts and who does NBC randomly pick to show all dejected and deflated? My sorely missed Betts. This is the one time I'd like to look at Peter Laviolette - when he's all resentful and unfulfilled. You know who I cannot look at enough? That right, Patrick Sharp! Playoff beard, clean shaven, this guy is eye candy. Why couldn't he be trade bait? I love Byfuglien but I'd much rather have Sharpy in my conference.

Which brings me to the 2010 draft. Everybody knows since the Barely Legal competition in January I've been pulling for the Rangers to draft any of the USA team that's available. Slotted at 10 I thought we were a lock for clutch goalie Jack Campbell, but my heart was kinda set on defensive dynamo Cam Fowler. Projected to go 3rd-5th I thought we may even trade up for him. Then by some miracle (or perhaps the Ducks handed out some "koolaid") he falls past the 9th pick. But does Sather and the Rangers' organization pick him up? Maybe we don't want to draft anymore defensemen. Ok, but then why did we pick one anyway?! Now, Dylan McIlrath seems like a delight. He's nicknamed "The Undertaker" which you gotta love and he's projected to be a stay at home bruiser in the mold of Jeff Beukeboom. Now if McIlrath becomes the next Beukeboom, I'll be ecstatic, but right now I envy Dallas and the Ducks for scoring my two guys at 11 and 12. It just hurts.
In good news we did officially sign the Hobbit. Our new Norwegian will be arriving for training camp in early September. I for one am pumped. I hope some little kids sport his jersey because I'd like to see Zuccarello-Aasen emblazoned on their little backs! I kinda want a Norge jersey myself, except I might look more like a fridge than a cute hockey fan. Now I just hope Sather will resign all my boys who bleed blue, starting with the best Staal, my boy Marc, hopefully Ozone Ken (aka Prospal) and most definitely Jody Shelley. Just give them what they want, Glen. Don't dick around with us or the team. Here's to a great free agency. No big contracts!