Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good fight, Baby

I hope y'all had a great holiday and are gearing up for a fantastic New Year. I'd say we Ranger fans have a lot to celebrate. Although I'd like to beat the Flyers soundly next time we meet, everything else has been pretty golden. How great was that last win against Pittsburgh? what I really love about this team is that just when I think they're heading down one of their patented bad turns, they come right out of it. Like last night, when the Islanders were up 2-1 I thought for sure this game would get away from us and a three game slide would be cemented, but no we turned it around with a rout. Love it. And all this without Cally. Even when our 24 comes back I want to find a permanent spot for Zuccarello-Aasen. Love this guy. So good-natured when you know he wanted to tell Al Trautwig to Fuck Off for asking him if he himself thinks he looks like a hobbit!

Dubi's even been growing on me. I had kinda resigned myself to the idea of letting him go if contract negotiations get too tough this summer, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's the influence of HBO's 24/7 Caps-Penguins series. I loved how Dubi called Ovechkin "baby" twice, and that's only what they cut in. Gotta say I love the series despite the sneaky way it makes me care about the Pens. Even if only a little bit. Timing might definitely play a part, because the first episode premiered directly following that 4-1 win. Epsiode 2 was even better, with that behind the scenes sequence with the refs where they totally sided with the Rangers on the goalie contact call. Do you think that was just to shut us Ranger/Refs conspiracy theorists up? Who cares, although I do find it suspicious that everyone around Avery may be mikes in a specific scene you never hear one sound uttered from his mouth. Another Bettman directive? It would not surprise me if he had some say in what hits the airwaves, especially regarding public enemy no. 1. Unfortunately I don't think we play either team again during the series run. I just hope it ends with the Caps schooling the Pens on Heinz field this Saturday.
Also in fun hockey news, the barely legal tournament is back. Team USA won it's first round robin game in OT against the Fins. I read that 8 players are repeats from last year's gold medal roster, but I only recognized 4, Our own Chris Kreider and Ryan Bourque and goalie Jack Cambell (future Dallas Star, urrgh!) and hirsute Jerry D'Amigo (maple leaf, ick!). One of the new players I noticed was a Callahan, #24. Thought it must be Ryan's brother, but turns out it's Mitch from CA and future Red Wing. Still this kid has good taste in surnames and jersey numbers, so he's alright in my book. Of course last year's captain Derek Stepan is currently wearing a different red, white and blue jersey, but he's still lighting up the lamp. Best of luck to this newish team. I'd love nothing more for them to repeat the gold, this time on US ice.

Happy New Year everybody. Let's hope the 2nd half of this season is as solid as the first!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I apologize for not posting in so long. It's not that I haven't been paying attention, it's more that I haven't had the wherewithal to write. They are plenty of things I've loved over the last month. Who couldn't love that first game against Pittsburgh? So seldom does it seem the hockey gods are smiling down upon the Blueshirts, but that night they not only grinned but pointed and laughed at the Penguins. Of course that same team has since gone on a tear and Crosby's been re-annointed as best thing to ever happen to the NHL. Whatever. I did notice something odd regarding number 87 recently. Did any of you think it queer that Sid used Dubi's nickname exclusively and repeatedly in his postgame remarks last week? Isn't that privilege reserved for teammates? or lovers? Well, as an American, Dubi has never played for Canada and he certainly has never been a Penguin. I'm just saying it struck me a being a bit too familiar.

Here's another question. Is the Devil's disastrous play so far another gift? As much as I'd like to see them scape the bottom of the standings, none of us want a repeat of the Flyers' resurgence from a few seasons ago. I'd like the Devils to play badly enough to shake out about 22nd in the league. As blasphemous as it sounds I reserve a bit more empathy for the Islanders, especially after we eked out 4 points from them this past week. I hardly want to be battling them for a playoff spot, but I thought for sure they be more of threat this season. Still you gotta love that they're only win in the last 18 was a shutout over the Devils. Another divine intervention?

In other favorable news, The team finally won a couple while I was in attendance. Yeah for raised sticks! Now if only I could get my section to stop pissing and moaning all game and actually enjoy success, everything would be brilliant. I did have a fun fan sitting behind me at the last game. He uttered a great out of context comment: (all breathy) "Mmmm, Gorgeous dump!" In a game filled with potential double entendres I never thought of that one. That was the Isles at the Garden, after which I met (and thanked) Puck Daddy himself, Greg Wyshinski. He was a delight and very handsome if I might say so.

Hope all y'all are enjoying the holiday season. Here's to a great December. I'm wishing my honey Andrew Garfield good luck with the critics in the ensuing award season. Oh yes, and I'm crazy about the Heritage jerseys. Question is who to get? Maybe Santa will decide for me!

Disclaimer: I'm all about man on man action, just maybe not Dubi and Crosby. Now, Talbot and Prust, more my style!