Sunday, April 24, 2011

One game 5 was not like the others

I thought when Chicago pulled out a 5-0 win in game 5, then Tampa won their must-win decisively 8-2, that the Rangers were gonna follow suit and deliver a feel good win to all us fans who suffered through game 4. It didn't happen, and in fact my Blueshirts are the only team I was rooting for that didn't take game 5, the only win I really wanted.

Now that the season's over, failing in 5 makes some sense. The series definitely felt like the we were trying to beat the Caps, and the Caps are trying to win the Cup. I think that's the drive that powered Washington to take the two overtimes. I can digest that this team was not destined to go far in the playoffs, but what stings is that they were a better team than two years ago and their 4-1 result somehow negates all the heart and hard work they poured into this campaign. I especially feel for Henrik who again comes in second to a rookie goaltender. Neuvirth was definitely good, no mistake, but Henrik did a hell of a job, with nothing but a losing record to show for it. He deserves a fairer shake in the history books. We haven't been on the right side of the handshake line since 2008 (I'm looking at you Marty!) and I sure hope we'll be enjoying that distinct pleasure around this time next year. Maybe Chris Kreider will make all the difference :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

We prayed for this two weeks ago, right?

Ticketmaster sent me an email today requesting I review Game 4 for their site. Uh, what? Thinking about the responses they might get from the Garden faithful takes a little edge off the pain of Wednesday night. 48 hours later I can appreciate the excitement and intensity, all fun and good if it weren't for the heartbreak. It still hurts. Forget giving up a a 3 goal lead, I'd still rather be beat by some skill. To my mind it would have been better if Ovechkin had scored on his 1OT breakway, a much more dignified defeat than that nightmare of a misplay. Larry Brooks had it down this morning. There's plenty of other teams I'd have relished this scenario playing out against, but why my Rangers? Why does Ryan Miller have 2 shutouts and a 3-2 advantage when Henrik has been the best Ranger, all season, but most definitely this post-season. I still have faith in this team and especially in goal. Hopefully Henrik will tally his playoff shutout tomorrow afternoon. Plus, Boyle and Dubinsky's staches definitely deserve a few more viewings, I'm thinking Monday night. Let's Go Rangers!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a win!

To the Rangers, with love, from the NHL
Thank you NHL! I think they dig Dubi's mustache, I know I do. It's only been 2 years, but I forgot how awesome playoff games are. I need some lasso lessons though because my towel arm is sorely out of practice. Luckily 4 goals (we sang for all of them, disallowed or not) got me up to snuff. As J remarked, it was nice to have so many banners waving (and not just me) during the national anthem. I'm looking to keep my skills honed tomorrow night. It's so hard to guess how each game will play out, but I'm hoping for the same effort with a little more finesse from NYR. As much as I miss The MZA, I'm thrilled to have #16 in the lineup, especially because I've been sporting his heritage jersey. May it always bring the Blueshirts good luck. Here's to Henrik and all the team, I love you and I believe in you.

Not I know in my last post I was hating on Washington D.C. a little, particularly the Post and it choices for this year's top Peeps dioramas. I apologize to Megan and Jesse who won a spot for their Black Swan entry. I took my desperation for peeps immortality out on them, when I know there are plenty of deserving peeps enthusiasts. I did want to give some particular love to one WaPo entry. This Is Spinal Peep is by far my favorite in this year's Peep Show. In the interest of full disclosure, I had nothing to do with this diorama, but I think Constantia Rioux, Sean Eustis and Kevin Hollenbeck did a terrific job. Seeing all these detail pix, I'm so impressed with the finish on this entry, and from all angles. I'm especially loving the exit sign at the back of the club. And of course the amp is a work of art. Great work, Love it!

But that's it, me and D.C. are no longer friendies. We are in battle, and I'm rooting for NYC all the way. Let's go Rangers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

in the hunt

So Saturday turned out pretty great. Not so much Friday night when I came home and Hockey Rodent had our berth% at 29.something. But I still had faith and was praying for a Caps matchup, generally a team I'd rather leave be. After a rousing visit to The Garden and a little help the unexpectedly eager Lightening, my prayers were answered. Apart from the outcome I was pretty satisfied with last night's playoff opener. Overall I want us to play well and we definitely did that, especially Henrik. My mom was not so happy, "Did you see them chop Henrik's hands? How can that happen?" I think the real problem with last night was that we scored first. I always have an illogical response to scoring first, thinking then that it's our game, we're obviously taking this one. Well it doesn't always play out that way. So let's go in tomorrow and clean up. I'm thinking Rangers' take it 5-1. I'd love nothing better than to head back to MSG Sunday having split and with all the momentum. That's my plan.

In a terrible twist of timing I was shafted by D.C. twice yesterday. First I wake up to find that my Black Swan peeps diorama has been passed over for another inferior take on the same theme. The rest of the Washington Post's Peep Show V is quite good (I like #22 the best!), but when you get to #19, just insert the picture to the left. I'm just a little bitter, but really every Black Peep entry I saw in the loser's gallery was better than the one they picked. And how many of them actually play Swan Lake? Add that to OT loss and NYC and DC are in a blood feud. Let's hope the Ranger's stick up for me tomorrow.

ps. I bought an Avery heritage jersey. Think he'll get to play? I'm thinking game 5!