Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This series is a misery!

Henrik's looking to the heavens as well he should because the Rangers need all the blessings they can muster.

I can't even blame the Pens or the refs even though I have a healthy dislike of both. We've just been outplayed so far. It feels horrible. I do have a new theory that Crosby has to talk to the refs after every whistle to work out his hectic ref reward blowjob schedule.

It's not that I don't believe we could come back from 0-3 down, I 'm just not sure it will happen. I definitely do not want to bow out in 4 though, so I will be very pumped for game 4 tomorrow night. They had better be more than one game left this season because Jagr is making me cry with his constant last game talk. Please just come back Jags.

And who knew that Hockey Rodent was crazier than this household put together. We're right with you fuzzy one. On the way home last night we were trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow because none of our Rangers attire has put us over in this series. I believe I did everything in my ritual roster the last three games. What more can I do?

Monday, April 28, 2008

2 Zip

Obviously Jagr is as irritated by that Crosby bitch as I am. Larry Brooks from the Post half joking called NBC the Nothing But Crosby station and that was even before yesterday's telecast that was so blatantly pro-penquins it made our house physically ill. At least the refs were a bit more even handed this time out, but we still couldn't pull even in the game or in the series.

On to MSG. Henrik has guaranteed a win and if he performs anything like yesterday he'll make it happen. I plan to offer up as much obnoxious support as I can muster. Someone else here thinks we (all 18,200) should start a "Greg Louganis" chant every time Crosby touches he puck. I think that's brilliant!
Let's even this shit up.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

dreaded 3 goal lead

Oh to able to retire the dreaded blank lead headline, but it just keeps being relevant. Unfortunately last night's game was mostly downhill from this photo to the last siren. The Rangers seem to fall apart every time Avery scores these days. I would advise him not to do it, but both he and I enjoy it so much. Maybe he'll have a hat trick tomorrow. That really is the dreaded 3 goal lead, by the Pens at least. They played "Say it Ain't So" after he scored which I highly enjoyed from the couch until it stopped being a joke and ultimately summed up my feelings.

I can't really spend much more time on Game 1. I just want to win Game 2 and for Crosby to wear a bag over his head because I hate his face so much. Is that asking too much?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

some odds and ends

The Caps (or the Ovechkins as I've heard them referred to) lost their game 7 to the Flyers. I'll be very sad to not see Number 8 advance but he went out with style, embracing every Flyer in a least a semi-hug. Now see Brodeur, that's how a superstar wins even more people over and why the Verizon center was often filled to capacity this season.

As for MSG, last series was very pleasant save for the overly dramatic reaction to losing in overtime. There was a complete lack of homophobic chatter which was delightful on two levels, because I hate how petty and hypocritical it shows up Rangers fans and because it has prevented Dancing Larry from Striking it Up most of the season. Not so the playoffs! Dancing Larry danced to resoundingly positive welcome and the only "Homo Larry" mentions were whispers between fans that you couldn't say it anymore. The most abrasive thing I heard in our section was the guy next to me who was compelled out of his seat to yell, "Slam that midget!" when Gionta got checked into the boards on our end of the ice. That I loved!

Another great thing came courtesy of Gardenvision. There was a young girl in full Rangers regalia who was holding her American Girl doll decked out in identical gear. If they're selling Rangers jerseys at the American Girl shop, you know I need one for Buddy Ian. He loves the thrill of competition.

Lastly, Sam Weinman from the The Journal news has been my favorite Ranger beat writer in the two years he has covered the team. I love his humor and he's my goto guy for behind the scenes info. But recently veteran Rangers' columnist Larry Brooks from the New York Post has chimed in with some pro Blueshirts commentary. The often cranky Brooks is usually not so keen on the team he covers. But it's not only his enthusiasm for the Rangers that has caught my attention but his sticking it to Brodeur at every opportunity which has been a complete delight. First he questions whether the writers should just vote Jagr the Conn Smythe winner now thus triggering the last possible way to keep our Captain from free agency.
Then in his post-mortem on the Devils he references Avery's classic "We don't travel in the same circles, they wouldn't let him in." set down to Brodeur with this:

It will all be different now. The Rangers move on. The Devils go home. Avery gets to the second-round party. Brodeur is not on the list.

And yesterday Brooks wrote a piece about the NHL sanctioning an Avery Rule t-shirt and had this fun take on it:

The NHL, of course, won't profit alone. The players will get their share of the revenue generated by sale of this tee shirt. That includes Martin Brodeur.

Unfortunately Bettman has already put the kabosh on this. Quite alright as I've secured the original version.

Now were off to the Pittsburg and hoping the team will come home with a split, but I wouldn't turn down 2-0 either. A carbon copy of the Devils series? I'd definitely take it.

ps. Henrik was nominated for his 3rd straight Vezina trophy. Now I have a reason to make our house watch the horribly embarrassing and boring NHL awards come June. Now if we could get Henrik to the draft as well I'd be all set.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Devils are Done aka We Won!!!!!!!!!!!

I should just let the pictures do the talking because I don't have anything of note to say. Just we won. Every game was a nail biter, but in each game we prevailed we pulled away in the final moments. It was like a little 15-20 second cushion that burst the tension bubble and let us enjoy winning. Ultimately I loved it.

Going into the series I was super worried about a repeat loss to the Devils and the feeling sat in my stomach like a brick. A suspicion that Avery was in no way gonna allow the Devils to take this one alleviated some of my stress. His tough play, his finishing and his antics made the series a complete delight. The only thing missing was his dry take on the series from game to game because he shunned the media throughout this series. Well, it was worth the wait because the comedy gems that rained down in his post-game interview with John Giannone were classics. Check the clip out. It's too bad we don't play Toronto next because Darcy Tucker is the only player Avery hates nearly as much as Brodeur. There's bound to be Avery comedy letdown. I'll just have to brace myself for it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

1 more win leaves 1 more to go!

Is it wrong that Freddie looks even hotter than usual bleeding and missing a tooth? He is a Ranger and I thank Sather for making it so. He also had a tussle with Monsieur Brodeur which always makes me smile.

On to the game. Ultimately the score doesn't matter as long as the Rangers get the win, but this game was a little too back and forth for my taste. Given the low scoring nature of the regular season games, giving up three separate leads gave me heart palpitations. This time though when Staal scored with little over 3 mins. left, we didn't give up the equalizer but went ahead 5-3 on a miracle face off empty net goal by Gomez. I love singing 5 times, but do you have the make the fans sweat it out so intensely? You know I'll gladly suffer through some tense moments - whatever it takes.

ps. How pretty is the MSG? I love the World's Most Famous Arena, but I 'd be very happy to miss some action there on Sunday. Let's finish off these Devils on Friday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Scoring is the best revenge

"I've never seen anything like it before!" That was the common response to Avery's aggressively creative screening of Brodeur. I was lucky enough to have it take place on my end of the ice. And it was fabulous. And Avery compounded it by scoring a 5 on 3 goal. I love that man.

The rest of the game we won't talk about. My level of anxiety was obnoxiously high and it's only gonna get worse on Wednesday. One small moment of comic relief was the ridiculously long line for the men's room. I thought they were handing out gov'ment cheese in there.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Keep it coming!

Another almost inexplicable win. It does seem to my point of view that the good/awesome (the Rangers) are overcoming the bad/evil (the Devils) because they were meant to as the play between the two teams has been pretty even. If the outcome of this series has been divined beforehand I certainly hope it towards the Blueshirts and not a cruel Devils turnaround still in the offing. But I believe that determining difference is we want it just that bit more. That drive should be as strong heading to game 3 at MSG with a 2-0 lead as it was last year heading there in the 2nd round down 0-2. I really like what all our lines are bringing to the games, with Jagr scoring weirdly but masterfully last night and Avery taking it to Brodeur in the best way possible, getting a puck behind him. Now I'm looking to Dawes and maybe even a tally from the 4th line next game. My towel twist action is primed and ready and my voice strong and steady to swell the goal song. Let's make it happen.

ps. I don't think I could love Henrik any more, but he's welcome to make me try.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

1 down 15 to go!

I'm not sure what force was at work last night, but we won a very tight game by a 4-1 score. It was beautiful and felt fantastic. I would love nothing better than a repeat tomorrow night, but I know it's just gonna get tougher. I have hope though because despite some sloppy play the team was intent on winning. That's how they managed to win a game they were somewhat outplayed in. Let's hope that drive nets us three more in the W column.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

it starts!

So our first game is tomorrow night at the Devils. I have to say home ice would have been nice, but I'm comfortable beginning the 16 win quest on the road. Gives us a 2 game opportunity to take the advantage. The mission becomes take at least one of two. Let's meet this mission tomorrow- Day 1, Game 1.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Devils it is!

So we only got a point off the Islanders. I wasn't as upset with this loss as I probably should have been, especially as it was the last home game and I was in attendance. Henrik's focus was a little shaky, but to my mind Valiquette should have been rewarded with the start. Anyway, Jagr scored. Dawes scored, both in the game and the shootout. Freddie scored. It was beautiful.

So we're playing the Devils in the playoffs. Not my favorite matchup,
but winning will be so sweet. You know this outcomes give Avery a special thrill. This afternoon is a little tryout. And also decides home ice advantage. Let's kill them.

Also I have to say I'm super happy for Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. Just look at how happy they are. I wish it weren't at the expense of the Hurricanes, and certainly their success cannot be at our expense, but I was rooting for them (and AO) hardcore. I'd like them even more without those bitches Poti and Brashear.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We're In!!!

We did it. Ok well the team did it all, but I enjoyed the stuffing out of their efforts. Jagr scored 2 beautiful goals, all the more pretty for being power play opportunities. And Henrik earned his 10th shutout of the season, leading the league! Gotta love it.

Now I can go to the game tomorrow, somewhat tension free and just enjoy the game full stop with a little alcoholic assistance. Let the seeds fall where they will. I'm already thrilled.