Tuesday, October 13, 2009

crushing the competition

I took this photo myself, after a heated pileup in Henrik's crease last night against the Maple Leafs. My two fellas gravitated right toward each other and I can only imagine they're discussing which restaurant they're gonna celebrate at later that night. Avery: "Which suit did you wear?" Well they definitely deserve some fun after routing Toronto 7-2, marking 5 in a row after dropping the opening tilt. Everyone contributed. Avery had 2 goals (must have read yesterday's post!) and even Redden had 3 points. You know things are clicking when Wade gets on the board. Now we just have to wake up Rozsy and it's all over. Just hand us the cup. I tease, but my boys in blue have been fantastic. Composed, aggressive. Their passes have been as crisp as I've ever seen them. I did notice a few lost opportunities to clear our zone that I'd like to clean up, but I'll let it go with that type of lead in the third. Now the Kings come in for a visit and I'd like Avery to notch a hat trick, show them how much he likes New York. Maybe with pushups?

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:el fano: said...

what I love about this shot.. is that the boys kind look like they are holding hands =) its crazy a-dior-able! [with hidden passions] HA !!!! [jk jk] I love the 7-3 win! sweet-sweetness!! =) I am lovin' these boys, and this team!! YAY!! xo xo :el fano: