Friday, December 25, 2009

What a delight!

Merry Christmas everybody! What are the chances the Rangers sucked so bad in anticipation that us fans would enjoy this 4 game streak so much more this holiday? A kind of Christmas present from Henrik and the gang? Whatever the motivation I love it. May the gifts keep coming this holiday week. I know I loved Prospal the first time I saw his red face in the red white and blue, but his reaction to scoring Wednesday night was a thing of beauty in of itself. Euphoric joy. A week ago I was looking up draft prospects, but now that we're tied for the last playoff position I'm thinking cup all the way! Well, why not it's Christmas and miracles happen. Let's start our cup run by taking care of the Isles and Flyers, again.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday. love, Dollie

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 in a row!!!

I can hardly believe it! I always claimed to have faith - and I definitely believe we're a better team then our last 8 weeks would credit- but I don't expect smooth sailing the rest of the way. I love beating the Isles, the Flyers and the Canes, but they're 3 teams in the bottom of the conference. I want to see us beat the Pens, the Devils, the Habs. I mean it's easy to beat Philly when their current coach is on furlough from prison. No wait, that isn't Robert Chambers behind the bench, it's that bitch Peter Laviolette. It's hard to tell the difference between their smug entitled faces. Plus Hartnell's hair is always so distracting. I don't know his situation, but I'm just saying I wouldn't want to clean out that guy's shower til death do us part. And he's not even the worst crime against my eyes, have y'all seen Carcillo? Man what an unattractive team! I'm so glad we beat those ugly fucks. We have to see them 5 more times and I hope that we keep climbing while they keep bottom dwelling. Next up the Panthers, another holiday showdown and I'm hoping it will be a good Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

new streak or same old shite?

My focus and intensity has been a little fleeting too in the face of all this losing. Sometime I forget what I really love about hockey and particularly the Rangers who've I've picked to invest my devotion: man on man action. Wins are just a bonus. That's how I'm viewing the rest of the season, and if the wins pile up, fabulous. If the men pile up, even better. Just as long as Henrik doesn't get seriously injured and MSG talks to Sean Avery every once in a while.

Speaking of man on man, I hate both Kaleta and Jarkko Ruutu, but I love that hate each other. Best hit of the week.

Monday, December 14, 2009

this jam doesn't taste good

Well, Tortorella wanted more jam, but thing is, "He chose a child molester's jam!" Or he may as well have because we lost yet again. Tonight we face Atlanta and unfortunately their current team just isn't as easy to beast as it was in the 06-07 playoffs. I really want these two points though, so hopefully Torts gets what he wants this game.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

hold on hope

So for the past three seasons while the Rangers have gritted out difficult stretch runs to make the playoffs, my default soundtrack has been Guided By Voices "Hold on Hope." I never thought I'd have to rock this track this early. It's only December, but my beloved team is in big trouble. Obviously runand gun didn't work, because we only have one gun. Stingy defense is a crapshoot with 2/3 of the blueline younger than 25. At least Henrik seems to have reconciled the fact the he's gonna have to win most of the points for us, that is when he doesn't fumble the puck into his own net. Thing is I have faith in him. My hope is that the rest of the team will follow his lead and start working for wins with every shift. They'll have to do it without Gilroy and Valiquette, who were sent down post-blackhawks. Gilroy should've realized after the fallout from Casino Night not to ignore me at an event. J says the Rangers have a "No Dollo, no tolerance" policy. If they don't they should have. I'm not sure what's happening with our backup situation, but it's clear now why the Isles were stockpiling veteran goalies - so we couldn't sign one when we so desperately need one. I definitely haven't given up hope yet for a successful campaign. I'll leave you on a positive note, here's a little something to get you in the Christmas mood. I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday!

Monday, December 7, 2009

it's not like I expect to win against the Wings

One good thing about losing twice as many games as you win for a prolonged period, let's say 7 weeks, is that it doesn't hurt as much when it happens yet again. This one did sting just a little before the "We Suck" malaise set in. It's difficult to beat Detroit, especially for us when we only see them once a year and their aura of powerhouse skill isn't questioned. What gets me is we were completely in this one then Henrik (why him?) has to fumble the save and kick the puck in himself. Couldn't any of the stars in red just plain beat Henrik with a great shot? All in all a good weekend effortwise, now I just want the results too.
During the downtime this past week I've been self-medicating with live shows from my favorite boys north of the border. Maybe Sloan's sweet sounds will be a balm for you too. Or at least make you miss MVP. Here's to a better showing in Chicago.

Friday, December 4, 2009

what is going on?

There's some strange shit going down in hockeyland: Brodeur's proud to be an American (so am I, but a little less now), Shanny is now "The Man" in a whole new way, Rangers officially suck and they're messing around with their roster in weird ways, plus I got cockblocked from Gilroy at Toys for Tots by a woman who could be my mom if you squinted really hard. WTF? All very disturbing, but not as scary as this trailer which I was unfortunate enough to see before The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which is fantatic, please go, you'll need it to forget this!)