Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my cars shift themselves

Except for picking this photo, I'm not gonna dwell on how truly crap last night's game was. Instead I'll enumerate the things I did enjoy. First and foremost was the luxury suite I somehow lucked into (thank you J!). I always thought that the suites weren't worth it, because they're even higher than the blue seats at MSG. Turns out the view was fantastic. I had a clear unobstructed view of the Sharks scoring 6 consecutive goals, plus one for luck. Yay me! I did love the overhead perspective. It was so easy to follow the play and spot the numerous mismanaged plays before they even resulted in goals against. Plus I had the best angle of Avery in the penalty box. He was like a little kid in a time out, swinging his legs and pouting until he was let back out to play. On his behalf, it was like a flashback to March when the refs turned a blind eye to every transgression against him like he was a convicted child molester on his first day in prison. And how about that goalie interference against Henrik that resulted in the 6th tally? I'd be more upset about it if the game hadn't been fully lost at that point.

Back to the positive. I missed yet another Versus telecast. I'm sure the fine people over at VS know a lot more about hockey than I do, but they don't know as much about the Rangers as I do and it's just plain frustrating having to listen to their commentary. Also I love that Del Zotto scored his fourth and still leads defensemen in points as of this morning. Forget Hedman, DZ is the rookie D of the year. Can we vote for the Calder now? Hopefully this game just provided a blueprint for how not to play from here on out. I want Devils' blood on my hands come Thursday night, it is nearly Halloween after all.


:el fano: said...

..."I want Devils' blood on my hands come Thursday night,"... HA!!!!!! i love this story! and lucky [u] {+} [j] for luxury suites! HOT HOT HOT[ness]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope thursday[s] game you [WILL] be singing "blood-on-the-dance-floor" {or more so "blood on the ice-foor" =) in ALL of its glory!!! xo xo :el fano:

dollie said...

You're the best El Fano! I love you and cannot wait to celebrate our lady's birthday this week!!

xoxo Butter McBloodstains