Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Then we'll kick it!

We signed Norway dynamo Mats Zuccarello Aasen this weekend. I'm super thrilled. I think I neglected to mention him during my coverage of the Olympics, but every time I watched Norway he was making plays. The announcers, probably Doc, kept saying his name but I heard it as Tootirello Awesome. It wasn't until about the 3rd game when I saw the back of his jersey that I realized that I had it all wrong. A very Khabibulin moment for me like when I thought his Nickolai's name was Habi Bulin. It's not entirely my fault because for some unknown reason announcers always say, "Danius Zubrus" in its entirety every time although to my knowledge there's not a single other Zubrus in the league.

It's funny that Mr. Awesome (that's what I'll call him) shares a number with Danny Briere because he's short like that. Like remarkably short. Now I was happy to unload diminutive Gomez, but he didn't have a spectacular name. I've been waiting many seasons to zero in on the right player jersey for me, but I may have finally found it. Hopefully the stitching is in font size 2 like the one Mr. Awesome sported during the Olympic fortnight. Definitely a better option than having your name curl all down your back. Look his feet don't remotely touch the floor. It's like me at the park! I need to hug this guy like an emergency. Forget the playoffs, now I'm excited for the new season.

I have been enjoying the playoffs though, Particularly the Caps finally showing the Canadiens what they're made of. Now if the Coyotes can keep up their exceptional play against the Wings my pool picks will be looking pretty strong. Loved Prucha's goal the other day. Let's hope he has plenty more in him.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What strange forces are at work?

Weird things are happening in my brain. The other day I hooted with glee when Jarkko Ruutu scored. You heard me right, that Ruutu. The only explanation I can give is that it was against Marc-Andre Fleury, but really is there any exceptable reason to root for Chris Neil? No, but my mind isn't listening to reason right now.

This problem is at its most disconcerting during Devils' games. It dates back to before the playoffs. Sometime over the two-week Olympic break I developed a type of love for Zach Parise. It's very troubling. I used to give the teeth to his finely formed rough trade face, but now I give fist pumps when he pots a goal. It's just plain wrong, but again it is against the Flyers. I I did remember to grimace at Brodeur last night. Maybe the Devils can win the rest of the games 6-5, that way Marty can suck it all night long and Parise can still score the game-winner. Keep this gal from losing all her Ranger credibility.

For the record I'm rooting for a Caps/Yotes final. Backstrom for Conn Smythe. Hear that Caps, better not let Gomez get any more by you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zero percent chance

Well I called it! The Flyers always save Dame Kate Smith for extra help in defeating the Rangers and her special magic from the grave worked yet again. But her rendition of "God Bless America" wasn't the most unsettling part of the pre-game festivities. When I saw that Kerry Fraser was reffing his last game I had a sinking feeling the jig was up. We never benefit from his interpretation of the rules and why would he bother to change with nothing on the line?
No reason at all, so Philly was sanctioned to commit all the little dirty infractions without threat of penalty. Maybe that's why they had the puck so much. That I cannot totally account for. I've seen teams beat us to loose pucks all season and it was no different in this game. Zero anticipation. As always my main concern is Henrik. I never like to see him embarrassed but this type of loss is almost worse. He plays his heart out stopping nearly everything coming his way but still ultimately feels responsible because it came down to a shootout. I don't necessarily think Gaborik would have automatically scored, but how does your whole season fall on the shoulders of Jokinen? Please at least let it be someone who's a real part of the team, has been on the roster for more than a month. I called for Drury before the 3 shooters were announced. Let Captain Clutch show us his stuff. Or Prospal? Too bad Boucher wasn't watching Jokinen's face instead of the puck because then we would have survived one more round. As Henrik said, very empty. Plus I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. With no payoff that's a doubly ucky feeling. Here's to the lottery!

There's was some good winning news in Rangerland this past weekend. Boston College took the college championship off a 5-0 win including a goal by our very own Chris Kreider. If you followed nyhockeygirls during the last World Juniors you know I love this kid. I can hardly wait until he swathed in Blue White and Red on a nightly basis. C'mon the kid has two championships this year alone. Couldn't we use some of that on our roster?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

hugs not drugs

It's now really down to the final game tomorrow with Boston having clinched 6th and Montreal a berth today. I have no real idea how tomorrow is gonna play out but I can guarantee one thing, those stinkin' Flyers are gonna trot out poor Kate Smith for a pre-game rendition of God Bless America. Wait don't the Rangers sport red, white and blue not the Flyers? It's bad enough the lady died in 1986 but she's gotta lend her considerable talents to Philly's campaign every year from the grave. Hopefully it won't work tomorrow.
But even if it does I'm very proud of my Blueshirts and particularly the effort they put in Friday night. I don't know if it was just home ice advantage but my guys did everything they could to win that game despite a truckload of nerves and some loose play. I particularly loved Pronger coughing up the puck to Gabby for the game winner. I think if we come out with the same effort and buckle down the defensive lapses we'll have an easier time of it tomorrow. Hopefully Henke plays as solid throughout as he did in the third. I had every intention of rooting for the Caps this year, but not so fast, I'd much rather not.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saving the best for last?

Well our heroes were bound to lose at least one of the last four and perhaps they picked the right one. The prospect of beating Buffalo in their last home game of the season seemed a little daunting. Add to that the possibility of clinching the northeast division and the loss was written in stone. Plus Cyclops must have used some Visine during the first intermission because he was seeing everything in the 2nd & 3rd.

But my boys came back strong last night and took care of Toronto and I mean that in a molester kinda way, routing the foliage 5-1. Shy and pale Christensen potted two. Hopefully he's isn't sidelined the next two games, because I like how quiet an effective he is. I also hope we keep him around next season, if only to spare him from excessive introspection. Prospal scored too and in a show of true selflessness said he's hell bent on the post-season, tanning be damned. Ok, he didn't really say that, but his eyes did. I want to keep him too. And of course our Henrik bounced back from his premature benching like a pro. I hope he's got two more stellar games in him this week. I believe he does. Here's to shutting down the Flyers, although I'm gonna really miss Avery in these two contests. I could swear last matchup he asked Hartnell last if Carter thinks of Scottie when he's pulling his wife's hair. Comedy gold, that guy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sorry Jesus

First off, HappyEaster/Passover/Spring to everyone. No new peeps for all you mallow maniacs this morning, but here's my favorite diorama from a few years ago. The Washington Post has revealed this year's lucky finalists. Love the winner, little underwhelmed by the others. Let's dominate next Easter!

I think this beautiful Easter morning may be a little brighter because those quirky Rangers have gone on a tear winning 6 of their last 7 games and pulling up along the Flyers for the 8th spot in the East. I should give up on the team more often. As soon as I've written off the season they come on like gangbusters. Do they just not need me? I hope this is not ultimately some sick cosmic joke where I get my hopes up only to have Scottie Harnell's dirty hair whipped in my face repeatedly next weekend. Now that the Blueshirts have their destiny in their own hands they had better pull through. Of course that likely means another first round match-up with the Capitals/Peepitals, not an ideal scenario in my eye. Maybe we can manage 7th and the Devils?