Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16 is my favorite number

Even if Roger Federer didn't quite reach 16 Grand Slam titles this week. Everything was going to plan until the last couple hours of the tournament when Del Potro just turned it on. Even though Roger was left with a plate and no cup he still had the shot of the Open in his semifinal against Djokie. My guess is Roger was anticipating the upcoming hockey season by channeling Ovechkin's talent for miraculous shotmaking. This is tennis' equivalent of a breakaway move, please to enjoy:

Well, #16 will just have to wait until next year. Maybe Andy can sneak in a title too!
At least the other #16 is going strong. Sean Avery is on the ice at the Rock as I type, brandishing his on-ice personality and piling up penalty minutes. Man I missed these boys. When I walked into my place last night to the dulcet tones of Sam Rosen's voice, I praised the hockey Gods. I'll be hearing a great deal of Sam's play-by-play this season because the powers that be over at MSG dicked me out of tickets this season. Maybe I'll try to get seats for all the Versus telecasts!

Enjoy the pre-season everyone. No pressure and please no injuries!