Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good guys wear white, right?

I've spent a lot of time with Canadians this week. The Rangers faced off against Toronto twice, taking both contests and in between I faced off against a bunch of drunk Canucks at Joel Plaskett's Brooklyn gig. I think the Canadians took that one because they were 8 feet tall (2.4384 meters) and I was at their mercy all night while they pushed me out of my spot and talked, shouted, and sang through every song. Joel was of course a delight, which highlights my problem with Canada. Love the musicians, comedians, filmmakers, not so fond of the people. This is especially true at the Garden when the opposition scores and suddenly hordes of enemies stand and cheer. Usually I haven't even spotted the traitor sitting so close to me, but when they celebrate I just want to take them out, figuratively of course!
Fortunately we didn't give Leafs fans much to cheer this week. 3 goals to 11 is a healthy margin, so I'll let their celebration pass. Not to gloat because I know that eventually we'll be on the losing end too, and it doesn't feel nice. Right now though I'm loving this team, loving the way they play. Dubinsky's goals last night highlights how much better the Rangers are today than exactly a year ago. Dubi's breaking in 3 on 2 and instead of passing, he just wrists it right into the net. As long as we have this type of energy and attack I will even stomach another team beating us, because hopefully that's what they'll have to do. Also this Del Zotto kid is a gift. He' got one more game before he's officially a full time Ranger, but I think he's the real thing. I just don't foresee him falling apart. Tapering off maybe, because right now he leads all defensemen in points. Way to go rookie!

Tomorrow my boys are back in blue against the Sharks. My fuzzy touch socks are all clean and ready for another run. I wonder if that Ortmeyer guy from 4 seasons ago will be in the house shouting for his guy? I loved ya Jed, but I won't be rooting for you or Pickles come tomorrow. I'm greedy, I want number 8!


:el fano: said...

..."My fuzzy touch socks are all clean and ready for another run"... =) this [i] LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are on a streak of winning pleasure - that [is] well OH-SO-PLEASURE{able}!!!! =) let[s] hope this shall/+/will CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! ps: your last post picture is A-DIOR-ABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! [its my fav so far] you should use it for EVERYTHING! your new "head-shot" a-la-butter!!!! xo xo <3 muah! xo xo :el fano:

j said...

Oh man, your feet/metres conversion made me scream with laughter. FIVE STARS