Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's Miss America!

Avery added another chapter to his book called "How to be awesome!" last night. Not only does he score the game winning goal against Buffalo late in the third but then takes a victory lap after the game soaking up the dejected Sabres' fans derision as adulation with a pageant perfect wave of the hand. He's obviously been wanting to thumb his nose at the Sabres since the playoffs last spring and luckily he produced his own opportunity. Too bad he didn't put that breakaway in the back of the net, God know what he would have done then. The Garden should be more receptive tonight, but let's hope Avery gets another crown.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

That's the way!

Nice win today over Buffalo 5-1. Even better because I was at the Garden for it. Shanny was back. Everybody was firing. Avery scored twice. Henrik was strong. Dancing Larry danced. It was a delight all around. Hopefully to be replicated many times between now and the first week of April.

Plus have you seen Strudwick's old school porn mustache (see 2nd photo far right)? He's reminding me a little of John Leslie and not in a bad way. He looks like he could take care of anything. I'm all for it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

look out for Avery!

I'm very proud of our boys in blue, both the Rangers and the Giants for delivering a very Super Sunday. The Giants win was miraculous and phenomenal. The Rangers win may have not been for the championship, but it was the best sign we've seen all season that they have a championship in them.

Tonight should be fun too, Avery will be facing his former team for the first time and what I would do to hear even a little of the trash talk that's gonna rain down. Maybe my supersonic hearing will kick in today!