Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On one station I'm a champion

I should have gone to Canada a few weeks sooner because our Rangers have earned 7 out of 8 points since I crossed the border. I had logically given up hope for the playoffs until Saturday night when we were only 4 points behind Philly and play them back-to-back to end the season. I have to say eliminating the Flyers fires me up a little more than Boston. That Winter Classic must have really worked a number on me! So even though I was in close proximity to Leafs v. Blueshirts there wasn't much hockey action to be found on my trip. I did pass an exit sign on the QEW for Wayne Gretzky's Winery and my immediate thought was that Sidney Crosby should open a Whinery when he retires!

Also had a weird "Is this guy following us?" moment. Pull into parking garage of the Toronto hotel, take the glass elevator up to the lobby and who do we see on our way up - A Rangers fan who used to sit in Sec 302 during the 07-08 season and who also happened to be at the very exclusive Fran Healy from Travis gig at Housing Works. I thought for sure we would see him at Thrush Hermit Friday night, but then I was also sure the visiting Rangers would be there too (I'm thinking of you Sean Avery!) PS. If you're that dude, educate me, I need to know why you were rocking Canada the same weekend as us.

As much as I love my team I would give up the playoffs any year to see Thrush Hermit play live. They're simply the best and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Still I'm greedy, so I like to have both. Maybe my Blueshirts can pull off a miracle, fingers crossed.

Monday, March 22, 2010

white flag

Just a week ago I was so hopeful. I still had belief, but to be honest all my faith has been dissolved in the last three losses, especially Sunday's. It was another curse of the 3rd jerseys. Who can play against that much bright yellow? Much like Hockey Rodent, I place most of the blame for this terrible stretch run on Torts. He laid my grievances out so much more expertly then I have the words or inclination to, but I too feel that Torts has lost the team because he's simply a giant jerkface.
As usual most of my allegiance lies with Henrik, and I just feel awful that for whatever reason the Ranger's have pissed away so many of his really decent efforts. Now all of us have to suffer the indignity of Atlanta being higher than us in the standings. Ugh. I did pick a convenient time to give up on the Rangers because I'm away from my beloved cable box for the rest of the week. I'll actually be in Toronto Saturday night. Not at the Molson Centre, but how do you think a "Sloppy Seconds" chant will go over in a nearby bar?

This blog has been doing quite well this month, especially as I've only put up three posts thus far. Thanks to the fabulous new blog by Christine for the shoutout. If you haven't stopped by it's the best one stop shop for all your good, great and ill-advised Henrik goodies. (ps Christine, please email me at Thanks to everyone who has dropped in here or with the Peepitals. My little sugar athletes have been getting a lot of attention lately as I imagine the masses are as eager for this Easter's entries as I am. I wish I could have tried again this year, but what with the move and everything I just didn't have the wherewithall. I did however manage to create the blueshirt version of those fast skating little bunnies and put together this smaller diorama for one of the Peepitals' most fervent fans, 4-year-old Timmy. He's featured here (in bunny form) on his off-side in an PHL all-star faceoff along with Datsyuk, Gaborik, Ovechkin, Backstrom and the still-missed Prucha in his current jersey. Timmy's great friend Sonia put up these great photos of the little guy enjoying his new peep pals. Next up on the mallow menu is Avery v. Fatso, a fine project for the off-season which regrettably should be starting in about two weeks.

I hope y'all are enjoying the start of spring, and cheers to great holiday (whichever one you celebrate!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IV: A New Hope

After four consecutive losses to Pittsburgh, Washington, Buffalo and worst of all the Devils I had basically given up hope of a post-season berth. But my belief is never fully gone until we're mathmatically eliminated, so I said to myself, "Let the weekend games decide." And guess what we won both, each in satisfying ways. Against Atlanta, our top line, top guys really came through. Ozone Ken, aka Prospal scored twice and Gaborik's groin was strong enough for a goal and some assists. Was it one or two? Who cares we won.

Now Philly in the afternoon is different story. After the first it looks like another disappointment, season over. I mean Briere scored, not good. Then I made a clutch decision which turned things around. I decided to quit unpacking and hightail it to the local bar to watch in the company of drinks, boneless wings and the always great J. Plus I was wearing my Avery shirt in solidarity of his lone healthy scratch being over. And what does he do? Scores two goals, engages the entire Flyers' bench. Personally I hate Sean's black mouthgard, but it does add a great feeling of wickedness when he takes over like this. Maybe Torts should alternate sitting and playing him the rest of the way because I could stand a whole bunch more games like these two, starting with those bitchass Canadiens tonight.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

it's the way, way out

It's unfortunate that to take silver in Olympic hockey you have to lose Gold, because Team USA was a monster all tournament and they should be very proud of their accomplishment. I had a sinking stone in my stomach after the regulation buzzer because as much as I hate him, Crosby leads a blessed life and I just knew he would be the hero. That's how things play out for him. I'm sure he works hard and prepares as much as any other player, but why does lady luck always smile upon him? My mom thinks it's because of his handsome face. Can you believe she said such a thing to me in the wake of this loss? It's stings enough enough when we have to hear Mike Milbury and every other talking head telling us how truly great Sid the Kid is, but my own mother? She's usually such a strong nationalist that I think someone must have been slipping her spiked maple syrup because she went on to say Canada deserved to win because they put on such a beautiful Olympics!

Now that the disappointment has faded a touch and the Rangers came back with a decisive win over Ottawa, I can look back at the weekend fondly. I saw two great things (would be more if I hadn't missed the USA/Fin semifinal). Number one is without a doubt Zach Parise's tying goal with less than 25 seconds left. Never liked that guy so much. Canada can gloat all they want but our rough trade candidate for Falcon exclusive is so much cuter than theirs. C'mon who would you rather get serviced by? I'd pick Parise every day, especially because Crosby was also "blessed" with those teeth. Yikes! The second greatest thing I saw this weekend was on Sesame Street Old School Vol. 2. Put this on until the cable was hooked up and this song/skit changed my life a little. Wish this guy was on American Idol. I'd totally call for him all night long.

Well time to move on. We take on the Golden boy tonight and I would love nothing more than to shut him down. You know my mom will be watching!