Friday, October 23, 2009

I will give a Gaboreus a shield and a stick

So I thought I made a deal with the Hockey gods this week: The Sharks could take Monday -even in a a rout- if the Rangers would then prevail Thursday and Saturday against the Devils then the Habs. The thing is I picture the hockey heavens like Clash of the Titans with all the various figureheads battling amongst themselves for superiority and command in the most melodramatic way possible. Kinda like the GMs at the NHL draft with a lot more bitchiness. Anyway they must be a fickle bunch to let my boys conquer for 7 games straight, just to take all their glory away with two mediocre losses. Especially to the Devils. I fucking hate losing to Brodeur. Fortunately I haven't had to stomach it often, so this had better not be the start of a new trend. Also Laurence Olivier had better not take into his Zeus-size brain to break off Gaborik's hip before placing #10 in Olympus' model hockey rink. How will Gaborik defeat the Cracken (Crosby? Emery?) if he's on IR? Well I hope the powers that be are feeling in favor with the Rangers this weekend because I'd very much like to leave Bell Centre with 2 points.
There have been some highlights despite the losing streak this week. First was dearly departed Freddie Sjostom's first goal as a Flame. It's a beauty and look at Freddie's happy smiley face. Love that guy still, especially because he's in the west and we only play him once this season. What are the chances that Freddie didn't want to be shown up by that other Swede, 9 year-old Oliver Wahlstrom, so he came up with his own spinorama? I say pretty good.

My favorite Swede Henrik Lundqvist also softened the blow last night with his post game interview. Hopefully y'all saw it because he said something to the effect that he loves beating the Devils then looks into the camera, winks and says, "We'll get them next time!" Delicious. Might be his best interview moment since beating the USA in the 2006 Olympics. And not to be upstaged, Sean Avery debuted his own website this week. Very promising. Check out the 2nd photo of him taunting Flyers fans, but be forewarned - I noticed razor burn near his manline when I clicked open the page 2 shirtless photo. Very disturbing, but I love the Avery shirt even if it looks a little like tattoo art out of a cracker jack box. At least Avery's gear is better than Ovie's!

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