Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another trip across the river, another win

There's nothing I love more than beating Brodeur, especially in his own arena, and our boys did it with drama and flair Monday night. After a horrendous start the Rangers showed some finish, some defense, some skill. Yeah, yeah it was a 3-2 win, but I take it any day. Hopefully our defense will only get stronger. For many reasons I wish this game had been telecast on MSG if only to see Avery give Gilroy a solid pat for potting his first NHL goal on ole fatty. Avery's smile must have as broad as his beautiful scar will allow. His boy done good.

So I swung past the NHL store today to see if the were stocking any new season merch I had to have. Luckily I ordered the new lady fuzzy touch blue sock online because not only did they not have them, but if you want to buy anything at the store you have to look at an insulting bobblehead of Sidney Crosby. That would be bad enough with his ugly lips molding in plastic, but this one was a special 2009 edition holding a Stanley Cup. Yuck. I think the Rangers have to win tomorrow just to make it up to me and burn that image out of my brain. It can be a tight win, just want 2 points.


:el fano: said...

OMG! [butter] is this "lady fuzzy touch blue sock" available in the [UNDERGEAR]catalogue!?!?!?! =] lol!!! YAY! a 3-2 win for us! [you know I love that story] My dad is getting into full Ranger[s] gear mode as well... so he [+] you [+] our lady friend will keep me in the know-how and know-all of NYR[s]!!!! =} tons of buttery love to you ButterMcAveryLover! xo xo :el fano:

dollie said...

Omg El Fano I'm so happy for your love (and J I meant to pluralize sock, it was an honest error!) Someday we'll all have to watch a game together, Me J You and your Dad!

Can't wait for saturday!!!!bring on the rough tissues!

love, butter