Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the wrong 2 points

Well the hockey gods decided to shine their divine light upon the Rangers raised sticks last night, but like I said they're a fickle bunch. Why couldn't we win against the Devils or Montreal who we have a papable dislike for instead of Phoenix who are not only out of our conference, but actually a team I like and root for? Especially now that they have Prucha and the Korpedo. I could stomach those two putting up points far quicker than Gomez. I just finally watched the Habs preshow and every time they showed Gomez (which was plenty) I made the same squanched face my cat makes when I'm gonna flick her nose in punishment or she's smelled something funky. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to beat every team, but I'm pulling for the Coyotes. Another secret: I'm kinda pulling for the Isles too. Not to beat us, not at all, but I think they're a better team than their record last year or this season thus far. Of course they got Tavares for their pain, and I'm sure I'll be cursing them sooner than later. Right now, I'll take tomorrow's game and worry about them afterward.

Ps: I have my fingers crossed that Gaborik is just a little sore and not hurt but, Gabby, maybe this isn't the best celebration pose for a certain someone with groin and hip issues.

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