Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaky Friday

I didn't think Tortorella and I had much in common, but we were both making this face last night! Mine was in response to, "Really, Crosby's gotta score on a crazy scramble? Seriously it had to be him?" I know it's unreasonable to find Sydney's success more objectionable than Malkin's, but that's just the way I see it. Maybe it's the incessant whining by #87. Speaking of, I took my cat out of the house this morning and she cried the whole time. I tried to calm her down by admonishing her with, "You don't want to be like Sydney Crosby, do you?" Turns out she did. I can't argue, it works for him.

Not that it was a terrible game. We had some decent possession, our passing was far crisper than seasons past. We just couldn't pot it in the net. That hasn't changed. Fleury made some great saves, bailed the Pens out a couple of times. Henrik did too, and he was facing a lot more traffic in front.

Why is it that the Pens can pinch and score and we do the same and it leads to an odd man rush? I think it's because they've been ordained by some higher power to basically annoy every other team in the league. That's why they won the post-lockout lottery that brought Crosby and his hideous purple lips into our lives. The NHL definitely has some part in this plot too. Did you see that too many men on the ice penalty that was mysteriously uncalled? Remember that time in the Stanley cup finals when Pittsburgh had like 8 guys on the ice and the ref staring right at them managed to miss it? I hope they gave the refs a shout-out during the Stanley Cup banner ceremony, or maybe Crosby "thanked" them before the game. Whatever.

Anyway, Philly had the game we were supposed to have, 2-0 over Carolina in the Hurricanes' house. The Flyers must have promised Emery a fully loaded crackpipe if he scored a shutout. The North American stuff is so much better than that Soviet shit. Is this tone to bitter for a game 1? Well hopefully I'll be full of smiles and platitudes later tonight. If we can manage to just lose to Pittsburgh we should be able to clean up against Ottawa.

Let's go boys!


j said...

Someone get this woman a book deal!

dollie said...

You're too sweet J! But thanks :)