Friday, May 30, 2008

is it June already?

When your team isn't playing the Stanley Cup finals (and you insist on watching them anyway like I do) you have to find pleasure in the small details. I've enjoyed a bunch of moments so far, here we go:

- Detroit endears themselves even before the first puck drop when their 90-year-old announcer introduced Sid the kid as Steven Crosby for the ceremonial faceoff. I wish I could find a screengrab of Crosby's reaction because it definitely was the frosting.

-Red Wings take the first two games 7-0. While it would have been nice to be the only team to shut out the Pens in the playoffs I took a great deal of satisfaction from Detroit's complete dominance. Suck it Fleury!

- Samuelsson the dynamo! He's one of the few ex-Rangers that I still root for. Maybe because he only played for us momentarily and I cannot quite remember how or why he moved on, but I like this guy. It's sweet to see him deliver 3 solid goals, 2 even unassisted. Plus the name Samuelsson actually almost fits across his back now.

-When is this Kronwall guy a free agent? He's a wrecking ball. I think he's got a checklist of Penquins he wants to take down and he makes his way through most of their roster every game. There was a game 2 hit on Ruutu that was particularly demeaning and beautiful. I enjoyed the shit out of it. I'd like to see a replay of it over and over, except Kronwall will be wearing a blueshirt.

-NBC and the NHL giving Alex Ovechkin his proper due by awarding the Ross and Richard trophies to OV during the telecast. He was definitely the highlight of the all-star game (yeah I watched all of that shit too) and they should be parading him around whenever possible. C'mon, look at that smile. And you can tell he really wanted to curse out Mike Milbury and Bob N. for being such douches.

And if you just can't get enough here's one more interview:

I'm totally gonna soak up some more if this action (and Henrik's too I hope) from the NHL awards. Until then, let's go Red Wings.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tyuts is golden!

So not only did Henrik not win the Gold medal, but he was pulled from the semifinal v Canada and the Swedes emerged empty handed from the medal rounds at the World Championships. Sucky. It was a bit brutal. But in good news on the same day the Swedes lost the bronze rubber, Henrik's twin brother Joel (sometimes pronounced Yoel for fun) scored the game winner in Dallas elimination game win against Detroit. On to game 6 in Dallas. I know the Red Wings have the better chance of demolishing (or at least beating) the Penguins in the the Stanley Cup finals, but I can't help but root for Dallas to at least play well. And if Joel has to be the hero so be it. Maybe he'll inspire Henrik to show us his best stuff next season. I'm looking for consistent excellence. I believe in you Henrik.

In another bit of fun symmetry, Russia handed Canada back it semifinal score against the Svenska team defeating the defending champs 5-4 in the gold medal final. In OT no less. Suck it Cam Ward. And good on you Tyuts. Our boy even had an assist! And from the pic below, the good sense to congratulate Nabakov at the same time as that foxy and fabulous Ovechkin. Oh wait I forgot Tyuts probably isn't as infactuated with OV as he rest of us are, angling to be near him. What a waste of proximity.

Maybe there is some better Rangers news in the offing if only Larry Brooks' report that Jags will be signed this week is true. Let's follow that up with Avery's renewing his contract. I had a little fantasy yesterday of Avery and Roger Federer becoming best friends through their mutual relationship to Anna Wintour. Maybe I just want Avery to be roaming around the US Open, but I also think Roger and he would have a brilliant effect on one another. Some trash talk would certainly liven up Wimbledon and Sean must have some choice words Roger could lay on Nadal.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stay Gold Henrik!

I don't know what the first song in this clip is, but I would have totally picked it too. So Henrik and the rest of the Tre Kronor have made it to the medal round beating the Czechs 3-2 in OT. Hopefully they show a little more offensive firepower this evening because they face a very dangerous Canadian team in the semifinals. Or Henrik has to be perfect - as if he isn't already. Only gold medals for our King.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forget the NHL, Root for Sweden!

I'm sure I foisted this clip on everyone before, but I cannot get enough of Henrik's Gold Medal celebration dance 2006. Now he's minding the net for Sweden again in the IIHF World Championships and today is the first round of single elimination games. Will he dance in 2008? I felt the need to give him a little shoutout. First up are the Czechs. Luckily he only faces teammate Michal Roszival, not the entire Ranger Czech contingent. Also I can still be patriotic and cheer for Team USA as they play in the other bracket facing the Finns this evening. Go Dubie! And Russia, go Tyuts! Ultimately for me though it's all about the Tre Kronor. Go Sweden!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

0 to go : (

I'm with ya Chris Drury. I feel a little ripped open after Sunday's elimination loss. I have to admit my faith was waivering a little in the 2nd intermission, but a few minutes later when the Korpedo (thank you Sam Weinman) scored belief was bursting out of my body. My MSG Monday outfit was planned, game 7 too. Marian Hossa definitely caught me looking ahead, and so it hurt so much worse when his goal snuck in under Henrik's pads.

As with last year I'm just sad to see the back of my boys for 4 months. We spend a lot of time with them. Do I have to make real friends now, or at least leave the house? What a hassle. Plus there are so many question marks this offseason. There was a little anxiety and Sather 2nd guessing (Snotty Gomez, really?) last year but overall the team had the same makeup come training camp. This year will be totally different. I know I should be most worried about Jagr, but to tell the truth I don't think I can be a happy blueshirt fanatic without Avery. I know my mom would be very upset as she's currently on a first name basis with SEAN. They've been having a spiritual communion through prayer. Inajayne has succumbed to one of the best romance formulas going: The convalescing rogue. It's a like a disease in Rangerland this spring. SEAN must have put on some Axe body spray on his way to St. Vincent's, or maybe it was Bod. We all know Avery has a "Hot Bod!" Fingers crossed that bod will be sitting itself in our locker room for a few seasons to come.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

11 to go!

It's good v. evil this afternoon. The white jerseyed good guys against black garbed penholes. I can only hope it plays out like a b-western screenplay with the men in white ultimately rewarded with victory. And hopefully we don't lose any of our calvary in the process. That may be asking too much, but it's what I want, it's what is right. Here's to you Jagr! Here's to you Shanny! May this not be your last game. Let's prevail.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We shutout those bitches!

I know it's just one win, but it was beautiful. I couldn't have scripted it better. Maybe less anxious, but not better. Jagr was a monster yet again and scored two goals. Henrik was perfect. Shanahan was strong. I knew it was gonna be a good game when Renney inserted Strudwick into the lineup. You got a pair of guys (struds and Hollweg) with dueling 70's porn mustaches, you gotta put them both on the ice. The Pens can't even grow mustaches. It's like a constant visual taunt on the ice or from the bench.

I think it was the power of Mara's fully grown Paul Bunyan beard that compelled Crosby and Malkin to take simultaneous penalties in the third frame. Let me tell you watching both skate into the box at the same time was a total delight. Malkin had a rough night all around. Maybe he's never seen a man so handsome as Henrik and that why he slowed down to creeping pace on his penalty shot! He just had to get a good gander up close of that beautiful face. C'mon he's got to look at Fleury all the time who wouldn't get a little rattled by Henke's incredible attractiveness? Maybe Henrik should play without his mask tomorrow afternoon? I wouldn't risk it, but if there are any Rangers fans near the glass bring Henrik's face on a stick and wave it at the peachfuzz boys in black. Whatever it takes to get a another win.

ps. I'm sorry Versus, Doc Emeric actually called the game beauifully from the clips I saw. Perhaps it was because the Pens didn't have anything positive to celebrate, but it seemed the Crosby love was meted out with less abandon. I hope Avery fully enjoyed watching.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

12 to go!

I'm trying to be optimistic today. We're gonna take this game tonight. Worry about the rest later. Jagr's gonna have a monster night. Henrik will be brilliant. It will be beautiful. I'm just sorry Avery has to watch from his hospital bed and to add insult to injury, it the Versus feed.