Sunday, October 11, 2009

let's do it again!

Ok, so this Kotalik celebrating (thank you Kotalik!) but Cally, Cally, Cally, I'm crazy about you. So happy you're a Ranger. After almost missing Thursday's game with a back spasms he comes out and just detroys it, scoring a beauty to tie it up early and just basically making every great decision. The rest of the team really locked it down too, making up for a uncharacteristic gaffe by Henrik. When was the last that happened? So fun.

So in my mind, Ovechkin is the new Teemu Selanne. They've both been on fire so far this season. We managed to keep Ovie off the scoreboard, now this afternoon we have to do the same with Teemu. He pulled a Gaborik yesterday against Philly, scoring twice in the 3rd. Not tonight.

Also Avery should be back at MSG tonight. I'm so excited. It's his first game, it's my first game. We're like twinnies!

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