Friday, March 20, 2009

breaking records

Henrik has reached 30 wins in his first 4 seasons, the only goalie to do so. Congrats Henrik (eat that Brodeur!) Now he has 32 this season and counting. I would love for him to crack 40 wins but it will be a tough push to nail down 8 of the last 11. I think we can do it though, especially with the "never die" attitude that got them 2 points against Montreal Tuesday. Now I'd like to see the Rangers build on a lead. Perhaps Sunday and Tuesday when I'll be among the Garden faithful? Hands rubbed raw - that's what I want. Tortorella also notched his place in the history books this week when he surpassed that bitch Laviolette as the winningest American coach in the NHL. Congrats Torts. May the wins keep coming and perhaps you'll even be named the Olympic coach. Suck it Laviolette!

I think Brodeur might have accomplished something this week too -maybe giving a speech without congratulating himself on being so awesome? No couldn't be. I'd rather focus on another non-Ranger milestone. Last night Alexander Ovechkin scored 50 goals for the third time in his 4 season career and celebrated with an on-ice mime routine of his stick being too hot to handle. Dorky and wonderful. It's even better that it wasn't his home Arena. Suck it Tampa Bay! I think Ovechkin the Peep may need a separate Hendrix style photo shoot to commemorate the occasion!

Monday, March 16, 2009

things are looking up

3 things have come into my world recently that have drastically improved my quality of life. The most important is this little grey beauty Fiona. She's full of love and fluff and I'm crazy about her.

The next is Susan's Laundromat. For 11 years I've been toting my laundry unreasonable distances to get clean clothes, but through some miracle the long vacant bar two blocks from me was renovated into a spanking new laundry that boldly promised "Over 80 Manchines"!!! You know that got my bubbles blowing. Unfortunately they actually meant washer-dryers and not studly specimens using their washboard abs in the literal sense. But no matter now I can clean my clothes from 6-Midnight without going on a walkabout.

And lastly my beloved hellion Avery came back into the Blueshirt fold and celebrated our first game together by scoring twice on two shots and getting the #1 star. Avery has been a dream in his few games - hitting everything that moves, chatting up opponents, getting dirty in the crease. Oh and he's scored in 3 consecutive games. Love that guy. And apparently so does Torts because he's bumped him up to the first line and it doesn't look like he's gonna be moved down anytime soon. I can't tell you how much I missed his freckly scarred face. MSG postgame is now must see instead of must fast-forward through.

In other Rangers news Henrik has been suffering through an odd malady where he cannot stomach much food and has dizzy spells dating back to March 2nd. Wait, isn't that the day he met J and myself? I think it must be lovesickness. Well, come over, come over Henrik -we'll cure what ails you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is what my team should look like!

Oh Sean Avery, how I missed you! Even just your face, but I like all of you in red, white and blue! Welcome back #16.

Alright, so a lot has happened since I last posted, but as far as the Rangers go most of it was terrible. Shanny became a Devil for next to no money. It's a sick joke. We lost too many games to name or remember, although I will say that my Blueshirts managed points in all but one game I attended. Renney and Percy Perry Fun Handsome were fired. I'll miss those well-dressed and well-spoken men. We didn't win a single road game in February!

But there were some highlights - The Adam Graves retirement ceremony was emotional and perfectly orchestrated, Sather granted Sean Avery a second chance, and oh yeah J and I got to meet most of the team at Casino night. You can't photoshop that tipsy glow on both Henrik and myself -it actually happened! Is that my head on his shoulder? Is that taking advantage? Well if I'm gonna molest unsuspecting people it may as well be the Rangers!

Plus we won two in a row after taking it to the Isles last night. Keep it up boys!

ps. Prucha and Dawes, I'll miss you both too! Best of luck in Phoenix.