Monday, February 2, 2009

valiant efforts

All of my men came up a little short this weekend but they (and I) can take some solace in just how well they played. For the Rangers it was getting chances, hitting posts and letting in one tricky deflected goal adding up to a 1-0 loss to Boston. The only thing about the game that stings is Boston had a call-up in net. We should score on that guy.

Roger didn't have it so easy. He was up against his toughest opposition and was nearly the victor. He cried, I cried. I should have known there was no way number 14 could come easy, we both want it too much. Here's a couple of new scenarios. Roger takes the French, bests the record at Wimbledon. Beautiful. I would also sign on for 14. Wimbledon. 15. US Open 2009. That would be tremendous. I believe in Roger and the Rangers.

You can probably guess I was vaguely pulling for the Cards in the Superbowl. Sorry Kurt Warner.