Saturday, July 7, 2012

Me at Centre Court Sept 2005
So I thought I might have jinxed my Rangers by vaguely rooting for Roger Federer throughout the French Open, but to be honest the French is my least favorite slam and now that Roger has one I mostly don't care. Nadal can have Roland Garros, I always have my eyes on the green grasses of the All England Club. I've been watching Wimbledon longer than I can remember because my mom is a tennis nut. The first final I really recall is Boris Becker lifting the beautiful golden trophy as a 17 year old in 1985. I rooted him on to win two more, Andre Agassi his first slam, Goran his only. Then there were the famine years when Pete Sampras ruined the hopes of many players and my hopes along with them. Then there was Roger. Always liked him even when he was beating my other faves. I've been with him through 7 Wimbledon finals, and I'm beyond thrilled to cheer him on through a record eighth. I'm equally excited about his opponent. Scotsman Andy Murray reaches his first final on Centre Court and is a strong hope for the United Kingdom's first Gentlemen's champion in over 7 decades. I'll be hoping against hope that I see Roger's beamy face reflected in that golden chalice tomorrow, but I can't root against Murray either. Let's hope it's a great match!

ps. Gonna miss Breakfast at Wimbledon on NBC though, especially the theme music which I sing incessantly whenever it comes to mind.