Thursday, September 30, 2010

my stick is in the air

I'm loving this team already! Just got my tix for the season and maybe I'm looking through the rose-colored glasses that come free with 3 pre-season wins, but I've got hopes for 2010-11. First off I don't know why I was hankering after all the World Junior players when we already have Derek Stepan. I love this kid. Plus he's been playing terrific. As has Sean Avery. Thank you #16, because I was tied up thinking there wouldn't be a spot for my favorite horn-rimmed blueshirt. The only drawback to this training camp has been the unfortunate demotion of the Hobbit, Mats Zuccarello-Aasen. Turns out he jinxed himself by dropping the awesome from his name. Even so I was all ready to buy my #36 Frodo jersey, but I don't own any Wolfpack jerseys and I'm not about to start now. Maybe he'll be called up and he had better be sporting a hyphen when he does. Now it's just a matter of finalizing that fourth line, then the cup is ours! C'mon, you gotta want it to win it.

With one day to go I have to say September has been very good to me and I can only hope October will be as memorable. Sure the US Open could have gone a bit better, but I had a very fun and fulfilling trip home, plus I had the great pleasure of meeting actor Andrew Garfield, star of this week's The Social Network (he's the one in argyle!). I feel a little in love with him in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus because he was so sweet, funny and heartsick, and he's even better in person: enthusiastic, generous and a complete delight. Go see his movies. Plus he's gonna be the new Peter Parker. Watch out Avery, there's a new bespecticalled man on the loose.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

it's cooling down (or is it wishful thinking?)

Hockey season must be getting close because Rangers have started suiting up. I need this sweater like an emergency. I hope Mr. Awesome makes the team, however he likes. At least he's a right wing, because the glut of left wings just got deeper with the addition of Kennedy. I hope Avery doesn't jerk himself out of a spot on the lineup. I don't have heavy expectations for this season, so I need all the entertainment I can squeeze out of that locker room. And I have a feeling Frolov isn't a jokester. In other Ranger news Henrik hosted a busride around NYC, an opportunity I missed because my phone was conveniently dead all day Monday. I had to live it vicariously here, and now you can too.

Only a few more weeks to go until some real action happens on the ice and I've been passing the time by watching a lot of TV. There's the US Open during the next two of course. Here's hoping Roger Federer hoists his 6th trophy. Between matches I'll be watching two British shows that I'm crazy about ( courtesy of J, thank you lady!).

First up is The IT Crowd, a superb traditional sitcom about the IT department in a large company. Roy and Moss are two of my favorite characters of all time. I love 'em. You can watch new episodes on IFC Tuesday nights at 10:30. (also a good place to catch Freaks and Geeks every weekend)

Next is The Mighty Boosh. It took me a little longer to love the Boosh, but now I'm addicted. A bit more surreal and cerebral than the IT Crowd it also features two spectacular male leads, Howard Moon and Vince Noir. I cannot even describe them so just watch this clip. They can be seen sporadically on Adult Swim, but just buy the box set.

That should get you through to training camp at least!