Monday, April 30, 2012

G&Ts and GWGs

I cannot recommend this as a sounds fan strategy, but my gameplan for game 1 included getting indecently drunk and in public no less! Started with an all you can drink brunch. managed to down 4 1/2 strong-ass mimosas tan on to a bar where I mainlined gin and tonics. don't know if I was slurring, but the bartender thought I was saying, "Ow, Ow, Ow" instead of "Out, Out, Out." and expressed the appropriate concern. Watching the game drunk does smooth over some of the most nervewracking portions of the game. For instance I completely missed the 5 on 3 and
except for yelling, the caps game tying tally with less than 4 seconds to go in the second didn't bother me that much at all.  No shame when Kreider scored the GWG. I screamed and clapped like I was a professional cheerleader. Thanks for coming through guys - it was well worth my very unpleasant personal post-show. No drinks tonight, but I'll be ridiculous on the inside. Let's Go Rangers!

Friday, April 27, 2012

relief and rejoicing!

It's only fitting that Henrik Lundqvist was nominated for a Hart trophy as MVP of league after his MVP player last night to take game and move on to the 2nd round. Of course now we have to play those Capitals. I regret having to play my 2nd fave team, but at least it's later on this season. And as the top seed so hopefully this time we can prevail!

I think it bodes well that Staal and Girardi scored and that former World Juniors teammates Stepan and Kreider have been playing to well since game 5. After coming back to take games 6 & 7 I feel we have the talent and resilience to make the conference finals.  Maybe we'll meet the Devils like in 1994. I've been scouting them a little and noticed that Brodeur nearly always steers the puck far down the ice because it takes him so long to heft himself up off the ice after he butterflies. Put that info in the kitty and ope we have to use it. Let's go Rangers!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We could be heroes

Now every Rangers fan expected Chris Kreider to score in Game 5 after Al Trautwig interviewed him before the 3rd period. But unfortunately that didn't happen and Ottawa went on to win 2-0. To be honest I was kinda dreading Game 6, especially after the Sens took a 1st period lead, but maybe #20 needed a little extra time to let the interview mojo work, because he scored the GWG in a 3-2 win. Yay Rangers. I have a friend who shouts "Rangers in 7" at me pretty much all year and I'm always thinking, "No, Rangers in 4 or 5 is fine by me." This time though I completely concur. RANGERS in 7! Hopefully Kreider will have even more GWG this postseason.

Every Rangers fan also know we'd be nowhere without our All-Star superstar goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and today his incredible stats and superbly consistent efforts have been acknowledged by the league with a Vezina trophy nomination, his fourth, and hopefully this time hell take home the hardware. Henrik most certainly deserves it!

It's been a difficult series, but something I heard tickled me yesterday during the Panthers/Devils game. Chico is an unrepentant homer, but sometimes it's so enjoyably ridiculous. So last night Chico summed up the disastrous 2nd period in which the Devs coughed up a two goal lead (game 4 anyone?) by commenting, "Actually, the Devils played really well between the two goals Florida scored." Would have loved to see him call for the Penguins this round!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

down but not out

That bitch Chris Neil takes out Brian Boyle

So my playoff series hasn't quite gone the way I had scripted after game 3. instead of putting away the Sens we're now down 2-3, but I always have faith and we'll just have to take games 6 & 7. Apart from a slew of penalties, I think our real failure has been urgency, and it shouldn't be hard to muster that now that everything's on the line. As usual Henrik's been shouldering the blame for not save those OT tallies, but the team in front has to score as well. I like to lay blame too, and I'm gonna call out Yahoo! sports for writing a post about Jason Spezza's lack of scoring.

Thanks Wysh, guess what happened after you penned that nugget? Spezza went and scored two goals! Of course that wouldn't be devastating if that wasn't the final score 2-0. Blows. Also now Sens killer Brian Boyle (please eat some citrus) has been concussed by agitator extraordinaire Chris Neil. Hate that asshole. Where is Sean Avery when you need him?
Hopefully his spirit is at least in the dressing room tomorrow night. I want an edgy, full-ass effort from my boys - show Ottawa and the league who's number one in the East.

Emma: outfit by Dolce and Gabbana Andrew: shirt by Dollie Banner

While my Rangers have been struggling I've continued to live off of Monday's Amazing Spider-Man photo shoot. Usually Michael J Fox just makes me happy on his own, so seeing Andrew Garfield adorned in my shirt is infinitely more enjoyable. The only thing that would make this sweeter is if MJF attends Death of a Salesman. Wouldn't that be brilliant? As you can imagine I'm pretty psyched for the new Spidey movie especially after that last trailer which really showcased some Peter Parker intensity. Hopefully Andrew will be able to squeeze in another project or two between Salesman and Spidey press because I need more than one movie a year. A Tony award would be nice too, get on that NPH :D
Andrew Garfield receiving his shirt. ps He's a delight.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things are looking up!

It's been a pretty good couple of days. First my Rangers rebound from a contentious and crappy Game 2 to take Game 3 off a brilliant effort by Henrik Lundqvist and an inspired performance by Brian Boyle. I will say BB looked like a monster out there despite all the boos shouted his way, but the guy needs some Fruits and vegetables. Might be the bruises, but Boyle's looking a little grey and translucent for my tastes. Don't get scurvy BB!

I should probably hate Ottawa more than I do, but as always I just want to be the better team and you can't get much better than a shutout. So let's just do that again tonight.

Then yesterday my good fortune went crazy when Andrew Garfield, soon to be your Amazing Spider-Man showed up to the Sony photo call (thank you Just Jared) sporting the shirt I made for him!!!! How sweet is AG that he thought to wear a present from a fan for a press day? I'm over the moon and even moreso that the cherubic face of a young Michael J. Fox is now all over the interwebs! So support this fine actor and even better man by seeing The Amazing Spider-Man this summer (July 3rd) and cathcing his brilliant performance in Death of a Salesman on Broadway through June 2nd.

Friday, April 13, 2012

one win in the kitty

Thank you Henrik, thank you Cally, thank you Rangers. I have to admit I was a little extra nervous going into Game 1. It's the first time since I've been really invested in the Rangers that they've had home ice advantage along with the responsibility to protect it. Thank heavens we had some timely scoring, and even more some timely saves from our King because we spent far too much time defending. Still and all though, we set a tone and played tough and strong. Now let's spend some more in their zone tomorrow and really protect number one seed with another home win. Let's Go Rangers!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Been waiting 3 years for this and a lot longer for the Rangers to enter the playoffs number 1 in the conference. I have a whole lot to say about this terrific season, but only have time to wish my boys the best of luck tomorrow. I want to see Chris Kreider wearing #20 this spring, so we had better make it deep! Let's go Rangers!