Saturday, February 5, 2011

school girl days

So I have a theory about Henrik's lack of "fohcoos" these last few games. Henrik is spending all his resources being charming and criminally attractive. Did you see the all-star game? It took me nearly a week to get around to watching it, but after viewing the on-ice introductions it all became clear. Just look at his look! I know he was only on camera for about 15 seconds, but he managed about 7 devastating glances right into the camera. I know because I watched it frame by frame, and it was Hitchcockian wondering what was gonna happen next. "Oh no, he's blinking...will he look again?....Yes!" Perhaps a job in the Rangers' truck is in order because my slo-mo skills are excellent. Also, Henrik might want to try out for the next cycle of America's Next Top Model because his ability smize is second to none. Sorry Tyra!

I haven't taken so many pix of the TV since I was a teenager as this week also saw me capturing Eduardo's best moments in The Social Network. My man Andrew Garfield might have been passed over by the Academy but he is still much loved in this house. So much so that I actually bought two of Eduardo's outfits from the film. And don't think I'm not wearing his Caribbean hat Oscar night. Suck it King's Speech! I'm all about that Facebook movie, though I still love you Colin Firth.

You know who else is supporting manlove this week? Sean Avery. I always knew we had a lot in common besides the fact that our thighs are the thickest part of our bods - we both love the gays. Avery is not only standing up for gay athletes, but also giving the whole community some candy with his participation in Marc Jacob's skin cancer prevention cause. I wonder if these developments have anything to do with his rare decision to drop the gloves against Devil Dave Clarkson? PS. Sorry about the Devil's feed on this clip. The only thing worse than seeing Avery drop to the ice is having to hear Chico offer his "commentary" about it. This is what happens when you deviate from a tried and true formula (i.e. pelt Brodeur and deny Clarkson) Henrik gets pulled and Sean goes down (and not in the good way). At least Vinny Prospal is red and ready. I'm hoping for some serious points in these next three road games. Did you hear the awful promo on Thursday? "The Rangers hope the Price is wrong Saturday afternoon." Sure, but jeez, we're the Rangers not the Isles. Let's up our game.