Thursday, May 24, 2007

east v west

Ok, so I haven't posted since we bowed out of the race, but I have been watching the playoff fairly religiously and seen some things. First of all, what the fuck did the Sabres think they were doing raising their sticks to salute fans after losing Game 6 to the Senators? I was incredulous and had to watch a few times. No they didn't formally take the middle of the ice, but they stole our salute just the same. Guess they were really impressed with the emotion displayed by j, myself and 19000 others at our Game 6. Whatever, they can blow me.
In good news, Anaheim took the west. Not that I hate Detroit, but honestly I was worried that Shanahan would regret leaving the Wings more if they took the cup this year. Plus I love Teemu Selanne! He's headed to his first Cup finals starting Monday. I've gotta root for the Ducks, despite their ridiculous name.

Go Ducks!

Monday, May 7, 2007

much heart but no win

Our season is over, and my heart is bruised a little. I really wanted glory for this team (and a little for myself too). I love these men even though they're mostly just numbers and names on the back of a jersey. J and I have spent the majority of our time in the last seven months with this team, their coaches, the MSG crew and bottom line is we're gonna miss them.

I never thought I'd love being part of crowd as much as I have this season and especially these playoffs. I may have had to put up with visible asscrack from Sweatpants, ceaseless chatter from Barney, gay slurs from assholes, but ultimately we all wanted the same thing - our team's best effort. That communal inertia that propels you to your feet, voices and towels raised, is nearly magical and I cannot wait to do it again come September.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

four months to go

Thanks for a great season, boys.

Coming soon: j & d's year end awards -- we promise they are way more entertaining than the NHL awards.

let us pray ...

OK, so only it's only Matt Cullen who looks like he's praying (he does this during the anthem every game, bowing his head with an occasional turn to spit, what a dream), but I was never going to let this photo get by me.

Anyway, it's not that we only have a prayer — we've got a lot more than that. And yes, we watched "Miracle" last night (long overdue), but it isn't because we need a miracle. We just needed the inspiration. And my boys need to "play their game" as they are so fond of saying. And we need to rock the Garden. And we all need to win.

I plan to do everything right: wear the right clothes, take the same route, buy the right beverages (yes, these superstitions are ludicrous, but effective). Hopefully my good luck lady will be at the Double Team store (though we won without her Tuesday night) and everything we can do and everything the team does turns into a win.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

a whole lotta fight left

Well there's no masking the utter letdown of last night's game, but the brightest component, namely Henrik's brilliance, is also my biggest hope for tomorrow. This series has definitely mirrored the up and down play of our whole season. Last night looked like our games circa dec/jan when we couldn't get our PP together, we lost a bunch of games on deflection off our own men, and we let many games slip away. Now is the time for games 6 and 7 to look like late feb/march. Sean Avery should just walk into the locker room and reintroduce himself to the team. Hockey Rodent latest post lays it all out. Each game has been a 50/50 proposition, but with Henrik in net and a little more fire from the team and we're headed back to Buffalo.

it's not over

I know, Henrik. I know.

I am devastated, but tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sweet Relief!

Do the boys look relieved? They should be as much as am I that we're tied 2-2. Last night was a very tense affair. The Blueshirts were so dominant for the majority of the game that the possibility of letting it all slip away was too real and painful an outcome to digest. But it didn't happen, 2 goal lead and all we prevailed. My favorite off-ice moment was when gardenvision asked the fans to vote for their favorite Shanahan: A:Teeth, B:No Tooth, C:No Teeth. Choice B (beautfully illustrated by the accompanying photo) won by a wide margin that kept growing while the results were up. Awesome. Henrik has been magnificent (between the pipes), so much so that the collective GMs have nominated him for the Vezina trophy again this year as one of the NHL's top goalies. I hope he gets a nod every year, even if it's always with Brodeur in tow.

So best case scenario, we win game 5 and clinch the conference finals on Sunday at MSG! Let's make it happen.

all tied up

I wrote a whole entry while exhausted last night, and then the damn cable went out (the part that keeps me online only, thank God. If I'd missed the post-game interviews, there would be crying) so I lost it.

But anyway, I'm so glad we won, I'm not entirely convinced that last controversial "goal" was a goal — and even if it was, it was a good call (inconclusive upon replay), and we had one good call coming after 15 terrible ones.

Even Lindy Ruff and Daniel Briere agree with me on that one.