Saturday, April 19, 2008

Devils are Done aka We Won!!!!!!!!!!!

I should just let the pictures do the talking because I don't have anything of note to say. Just we won. Every game was a nail biter, but in each game we prevailed we pulled away in the final moments. It was like a little 15-20 second cushion that burst the tension bubble and let us enjoy winning. Ultimately I loved it.

Going into the series I was super worried about a repeat loss to the Devils and the feeling sat in my stomach like a brick. A suspicion that Avery was in no way gonna allow the Devils to take this one alleviated some of my stress. His tough play, his finishing and his antics made the series a complete delight. The only thing missing was his dry take on the series from game to game because he shunned the media throughout this series. Well, it was worth the wait because the comedy gems that rained down in his post-game interview with John Giannone were classics. Check the clip out. It's too bad we don't play Toronto next because Darcy Tucker is the only player Avery hates nearly as much as Brodeur. There's bound to be Avery comedy letdown. I'll just have to brace myself for it.

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Kim said...

That video is beautiful. P.S. ANTICS!!!