Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This series is a misery!

Henrik's looking to the heavens as well he should because the Rangers need all the blessings they can muster.

I can't even blame the Pens or the refs even though I have a healthy dislike of both. We've just been outplayed so far. It feels horrible. I do have a new theory that Crosby has to talk to the refs after every whistle to work out his hectic ref reward blowjob schedule.

It's not that I don't believe we could come back from 0-3 down, I 'm just not sure it will happen. I definitely do not want to bow out in 4 though, so I will be very pumped for game 4 tomorrow night. They had better be more than one game left this season because Jagr is making me cry with his constant last game talk. Please just come back Jags.

And who knew that Hockey Rodent was crazier than this household put together. We're right with you fuzzy one. On the way home last night we were trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow because none of our Rangers attire has put us over in this series. I believe I did everything in my ritual roster the last three games. What more can I do?

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