Saturday, April 26, 2008

dreaded 3 goal lead

Oh to able to retire the dreaded blank lead headline, but it just keeps being relevant. Unfortunately last night's game was mostly downhill from this photo to the last siren. The Rangers seem to fall apart every time Avery scores these days. I would advise him not to do it, but both he and I enjoy it so much. Maybe he'll have a hat trick tomorrow. That really is the dreaded 3 goal lead, by the Pens at least. They played "Say it Ain't So" after he scored which I highly enjoyed from the couch until it stopped being a joke and ultimately summed up my feelings.

I can't really spend much more time on Game 1. I just want to win Game 2 and for Crosby to wear a bag over his head because I hate his face so much. Is that asking too much?

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