Monday, April 28, 2008

2 Zip

Obviously Jagr is as irritated by that Crosby bitch as I am. Larry Brooks from the Post half joking called NBC the Nothing But Crosby station and that was even before yesterday's telecast that was so blatantly pro-penquins it made our house physically ill. At least the refs were a bit more even handed this time out, but we still couldn't pull even in the game or in the series.

On to MSG. Henrik has guaranteed a win and if he performs anything like yesterday he'll make it happen. I plan to offer up as much obnoxious support as I can muster. Someone else here thinks we (all 18,200) should start a "Greg Louganis" chant every time Crosby touches he puck. I think that's brilliant!
Let's even this shit up.

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Anonymous said...

Your talking about crosby being a bitch. how about jagr who coincidently always had a skate problem or injury everytime the penguins were losing (back when he played for them.) He will never compare to Lemieux or Crosby becaue neither of them are a cheap-shot players! im glad that bitchy baby left Pittsburgh and im glad they beat the Rangers ass in the playoffs.I guess them "peachfuzzed boys" do know how to play hockey..