Saturday, April 12, 2008

Keep it coming!

Another almost inexplicable win. It does seem to my point of view that the good/awesome (the Rangers) are overcoming the bad/evil (the Devils) because they were meant to as the play between the two teams has been pretty even. If the outcome of this series has been divined beforehand I certainly hope it towards the Blueshirts and not a cruel Devils turnaround still in the offing. But I believe that determining difference is we want it just that bit more. That drive should be as strong heading to game 3 at MSG with a 2-0 lead as it was last year heading there in the 2nd round down 0-2. I really like what all our lines are bringing to the games, with Jagr scoring weirdly but masterfully last night and Avery taking it to Brodeur in the best way possible, getting a puck behind him. Now I'm looking to Dawes and maybe even a tally from the 4th line next game. My towel twist action is primed and ready and my voice strong and steady to swell the goal song. Let's make it happen.

ps. I don't think I could love Henrik any more, but he's welcome to make me try.

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