Sunday, April 6, 2008

Devils it is!

So we only got a point off the Islanders. I wasn't as upset with this loss as I probably should have been, especially as it was the last home game and I was in attendance. Henrik's focus was a little shaky, but to my mind Valiquette should have been rewarded with the start. Anyway, Jagr scored. Dawes scored, both in the game and the shootout. Freddie scored. It was beautiful.

So we're playing the Devils in the playoffs. Not my favorite matchup,
but winning will be so sweet. You know this outcomes give Avery a special thrill. This afternoon is a little tryout. And also decides home ice advantage. Let's kill them.

Also I have to say I'm super happy for Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. Just look at how happy they are. I wish it weren't at the expense of the Hurricanes, and certainly their success cannot be at our expense, but I was rooting for them (and AO) hardcore. I'd like them even more without those bitches Poti and Brashear.

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