Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zero percent chance

Well I called it! The Flyers always save Dame Kate Smith for extra help in defeating the Rangers and her special magic from the grave worked yet again. But her rendition of "God Bless America" wasn't the most unsettling part of the pre-game festivities. When I saw that Kerry Fraser was reffing his last game I had a sinking feeling the jig was up. We never benefit from his interpretation of the rules and why would he bother to change with nothing on the line?
No reason at all, so Philly was sanctioned to commit all the little dirty infractions without threat of penalty. Maybe that's why they had the puck so much. That I cannot totally account for. I've seen teams beat us to loose pucks all season and it was no different in this game. Zero anticipation. As always my main concern is Henrik. I never like to see him embarrassed but this type of loss is almost worse. He plays his heart out stopping nearly everything coming his way but still ultimately feels responsible because it came down to a shootout. I don't necessarily think Gaborik would have automatically scored, but how does your whole season fall on the shoulders of Jokinen? Please at least let it be someone who's a real part of the team, has been on the roster for more than a month. I called for Drury before the 3 shooters were announced. Let Captain Clutch show us his stuff. Or Prospal? Too bad Boucher wasn't watching Jokinen's face instead of the puck because then we would have survived one more round. As Henrik said, very empty. Plus I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. With no payoff that's a doubly ucky feeling. Here's to the lottery!

There's was some good winning news in Rangerland this past weekend. Boston College took the college championship off a 5-0 win including a goal by our very own Chris Kreider. If you followed nyhockeygirls during the last World Juniors you know I love this kid. I can hardly wait until he swathed in Blue White and Red on a nightly basis. C'mon the kid has two championships this year alone. Couldn't we use some of that on our roster?

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