Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Then we'll kick it!

We signed Norway dynamo Mats Zuccarello Aasen this weekend. I'm super thrilled. I think I neglected to mention him during my coverage of the Olympics, but every time I watched Norway he was making plays. The announcers, probably Doc, kept saying his name but I heard it as Tootirello Awesome. It wasn't until about the 3rd game when I saw the back of his jersey that I realized that I had it all wrong. A very Khabibulin moment for me like when I thought his Nickolai's name was Habi Bulin. It's not entirely my fault because for some unknown reason announcers always say, "Danius Zubrus" in its entirety every time although to my knowledge there's not a single other Zubrus in the league.

It's funny that Mr. Awesome (that's what I'll call him) shares a number with Danny Briere because he's short like that. Like remarkably short. Now I was happy to unload diminutive Gomez, but he didn't have a spectacular name. I've been waiting many seasons to zero in on the right player jersey for me, but I may have finally found it. Hopefully the stitching is in font size 2 like the one Mr. Awesome sported during the Olympic fortnight. Definitely a better option than having your name curl all down your back. Look his feet don't remotely touch the floor. It's like me at the park! I need to hug this guy like an emergency. Forget the playoffs, now I'm excited for the new season.

I have been enjoying the playoffs though, Particularly the Caps finally showing the Canadiens what they're made of. Now if the Coyotes can keep up their exceptional play against the Wings my pool picks will be looking pretty strong. Loved Prucha's goal the other day. Let's hope he has plenty more in him.


henrik lundqvist blog said...

I am super excited about this guy! He's fast and good with his hands. Yeah!

dollie said...

Yes, plus Henrik, Avery and Voros need a Turtle to fill out their entourage. That's assuming Voros and most especially Avery will be wearing Blueshirts next season.