Saturday, April 10, 2010

hugs not drugs

It's now really down to the final game tomorrow with Boston having clinched 6th and Montreal a berth today. I have no real idea how tomorrow is gonna play out but I can guarantee one thing, those stinkin' Flyers are gonna trot out poor Kate Smith for a pre-game rendition of God Bless America. Wait don't the Rangers sport red, white and blue not the Flyers? It's bad enough the lady died in 1986 but she's gotta lend her considerable talents to Philly's campaign every year from the grave. Hopefully it won't work tomorrow.
But even if it does I'm very proud of my Blueshirts and particularly the effort they put in Friday night. I don't know if it was just home ice advantage but my guys did everything they could to win that game despite a truckload of nerves and some loose play. I particularly loved Pronger coughing up the puck to Gabby for the game winner. I think if we come out with the same effort and buckle down the defensive lapses we'll have an easier time of it tomorrow. Hopefully Henke plays as solid throughout as he did in the third. I had every intention of rooting for the Caps this year, but not so fast, I'd much rather not.

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