Saturday, April 17, 2010

What strange forces are at work?

Weird things are happening in my brain. The other day I hooted with glee when Jarkko Ruutu scored. You heard me right, that Ruutu. The only explanation I can give is that it was against Marc-Andre Fleury, but really is there any exceptable reason to root for Chris Neil? No, but my mind isn't listening to reason right now.

This problem is at its most disconcerting during Devils' games. It dates back to before the playoffs. Sometime over the two-week Olympic break I developed a type of love for Zach Parise. It's very troubling. I used to give the teeth to his finely formed rough trade face, but now I give fist pumps when he pots a goal. It's just plain wrong, but again it is against the Flyers. I I did remember to grimace at Brodeur last night. Maybe the Devils can win the rest of the games 6-5, that way Marty can suck it all night long and Parise can still score the game-winner. Keep this gal from losing all her Ranger credibility.

For the record I'm rooting for a Caps/Yotes final. Backstrom for Conn Smythe. Hear that Caps, better not let Gomez get any more by you!

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