Monday, April 30, 2012

G&Ts and GWGs

I cannot recommend this as a sounds fan strategy, but my gameplan for game 1 included getting indecently drunk and in public no less! Started with an all you can drink brunch. managed to down 4 1/2 strong-ass mimosas tan on to a bar where I mainlined gin and tonics. don't know if I was slurring, but the bartender thought I was saying, "Ow, Ow, Ow" instead of "Out, Out, Out." and expressed the appropriate concern. Watching the game drunk does smooth over some of the most nervewracking portions of the game. For instance I completely missed the 5 on 3 and
except for yelling, the caps game tying tally with less than 4 seconds to go in the second didn't bother me that much at all.  No shame when Kreider scored the GWG. I screamed and clapped like I was a professional cheerleader. Thanks for coming through guys - it was well worth my very unpleasant personal post-show. No drinks tonight, but I'll be ridiculous on the inside. Let's Go Rangers!

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