Sunday, April 22, 2012

down but not out

That bitch Chris Neil takes out Brian Boyle

So my playoff series hasn't quite gone the way I had scripted after game 3. instead of putting away the Sens we're now down 2-3, but I always have faith and we'll just have to take games 6 & 7. Apart from a slew of penalties, I think our real failure has been urgency, and it shouldn't be hard to muster that now that everything's on the line. As usual Henrik's been shouldering the blame for not save those OT tallies, but the team in front has to score as well. I like to lay blame too, and I'm gonna call out Yahoo! sports for writing a post about Jason Spezza's lack of scoring.

Thanks Wysh, guess what happened after you penned that nugget? Spezza went and scored two goals! Of course that wouldn't be devastating if that wasn't the final score 2-0. Blows. Also now Sens killer Brian Boyle (please eat some citrus) has been concussed by agitator extraordinaire Chris Neil. Hate that asshole. Where is Sean Avery when you need him?
Hopefully his spirit is at least in the dressing room tomorrow night. I want an edgy, full-ass effort from my boys - show Ottawa and the league who's number one in the East.

Emma: outfit by Dolce and Gabbana Andrew: shirt by Dollie Banner

While my Rangers have been struggling I've continued to live off of Monday's Amazing Spider-Man photo shoot. Usually Michael J Fox just makes me happy on his own, so seeing Andrew Garfield adorned in my shirt is infinitely more enjoyable. The only thing that would make this sweeter is if MJF attends Death of a Salesman. Wouldn't that be brilliant? As you can imagine I'm pretty psyched for the new Spidey movie especially after that last trailer which really showcased some Peter Parker intensity. Hopefully Andrew will be able to squeeze in another project or two between Salesman and Spidey press because I need more than one movie a year. A Tony award would be nice too, get on that NPH :D
Andrew Garfield receiving his shirt. ps He's a delight.

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