Friday, April 27, 2012

relief and rejoicing!

It's only fitting that Henrik Lundqvist was nominated for a Hart trophy as MVP of league after his MVP player last night to take game and move on to the 2nd round. Of course now we have to play those Capitals. I regret having to play my 2nd fave team, but at least it's later on this season. And as the top seed so hopefully this time we can prevail!

I think it bodes well that Staal and Girardi scored and that former World Juniors teammates Stepan and Kreider have been playing to well since game 5. After coming back to take games 6 & 7 I feel we have the talent and resilience to make the conference finals.  Maybe we'll meet the Devils like in 1994. I've been scouting them a little and noticed that Brodeur nearly always steers the puck far down the ice because it takes him so long to heft himself up off the ice after he butterflies. Put that info in the kitty and ope we have to use it. Let's go Rangers!

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