Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sweet Relief!

Do the boys look relieved? They should be as much as am I that we're tied 2-2. Last night was a very tense affair. The Blueshirts were so dominant for the majority of the game that the possibility of letting it all slip away was too real and painful an outcome to digest. But it didn't happen, 2 goal lead and all we prevailed. My favorite off-ice moment was when gardenvision asked the fans to vote for their favorite Shanahan: A:Teeth, B:No Tooth, C:No Teeth. Choice B (beautfully illustrated by the accompanying photo) won by a wide margin that kept growing while the results were up. Awesome. Henrik has been magnificent (between the pipes), so much so that the collective GMs have nominated him for the Vezina trophy again this year as one of the NHL's top goalies. I hope he gets a nod every year, even if it's always with Brodeur in tow.

So best case scenario, we win game 5 and clinch the conference finals on Sunday at MSG! Let's make it happen.

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