Thursday, May 24, 2007

east v west

Ok, so I haven't posted since we bowed out of the race, but I have been watching the playoff fairly religiously and seen some things. First of all, what the fuck did the Sabres think they were doing raising their sticks to salute fans after losing Game 6 to the Senators? I was incredulous and had to watch a few times. No they didn't formally take the middle of the ice, but they stole our salute just the same. Guess they were really impressed with the emotion displayed by j, myself and 19000 others at our Game 6. Whatever, they can blow me.
In good news, Anaheim took the west. Not that I hate Detroit, but honestly I was worried that Shanahan would regret leaving the Wings more if they took the cup this year. Plus I love Teemu Selanne! He's headed to his first Cup finals starting Monday. I've gotta root for the Ducks, despite their ridiculous name.

Go Ducks!

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