Sunday, May 6, 2007

let us pray ...

OK, so only it's only Matt Cullen who looks like he's praying (he does this during the anthem every game, bowing his head with an occasional turn to spit, what a dream), but I was never going to let this photo get by me.

Anyway, it's not that we only have a prayer — we've got a lot more than that. And yes, we watched "Miracle" last night (long overdue), but it isn't because we need a miracle. We just needed the inspiration. And my boys need to "play their game" as they are so fond of saying. And we need to rock the Garden. And we all need to win.

I plan to do everything right: wear the right clothes, take the same route, buy the right beverages (yes, these superstitions are ludicrous, but effective). Hopefully my good luck lady will be at the Double Team store (though we won without her Tuesday night) and everything we can do and everything the team does turns into a win.

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