Saturday, May 5, 2007

a whole lotta fight left

Well there's no masking the utter letdown of last night's game, but the brightest component, namely Henrik's brilliance, is also my biggest hope for tomorrow. This series has definitely mirrored the up and down play of our whole season. Last night looked like our games circa dec/jan when we couldn't get our PP together, we lost a bunch of games on deflection off our own men, and we let many games slip away. Now is the time for games 6 and 7 to look like late feb/march. Sean Avery should just walk into the locker room and reintroduce himself to the team. Hockey Rodent latest post lays it all out. Each game has been a 50/50 proposition, but with Henrik in net and a little more fire from the team and we're headed back to Buffalo.

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