Monday, May 7, 2007

much heart but no win

Our season is over, and my heart is bruised a little. I really wanted glory for this team (and a little for myself too). I love these men even though they're mostly just numbers and names on the back of a jersey. J and I have spent the majority of our time in the last seven months with this team, their coaches, the MSG crew and bottom line is we're gonna miss them.

I never thought I'd love being part of crowd as much as I have this season and especially these playoffs. I may have had to put up with visible asscrack from Sweatpants, ceaseless chatter from Barney, gay slurs from assholes, but ultimately we all wanted the same thing - our team's best effort. That communal inertia that propels you to your feet, voices and towels raised, is nearly magical and I cannot wait to do it again come September.

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