Sunday, May 8, 2011

Caught in the web

So now that the Rangers have gone on summer break (and the Caps too, so suddenly!) I've had a little time to devote to The Amazing Spider-Man, whose cast and crew have set up shop this past week in my backyard. Still with a big production like this you never know what situation you're walking into when you arrive at the reported location. Imagine my delight yesterday when I rounded a corner in search of the shoot to find one Peter Parker perched atop a Park Slope roof. Now it's no secret I have a bit more of a tendre for PP than Spidey himself (ever since raindrops kept falling on Tobey's head), so the bespectacled Andrew Garfield set my heart aflutter.

I think this must be the exterior of Uncle Ben and Aunt May's house because the first scene had PP addressing Martin Sheen down below. Reminds me of My So Called Life. If only AG was sporting Krakow hair! Mr. Garfield was a delight, as always. More than I can say for his handler, who neglected to pass along a small token despite a fervent promise to do so. Suck it, Lou Reed wannabe.

Still I'm jonzing for every bit of Spidey I can get, and it's well more than a year until this thing hits theatres.

xo Dollo

Note: If you borrow these images please credit me, Dollie Banner.

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