Sunday, May 8, 2011

Peter Parker textbook mystery solved

Didn't need Encyclopedia Brown for this one. I just noticed this afternoon that you can spy the spine of the book Peter Parker is reading on the roof when Uncle Ben interrupts him in one of my photos. I put my brilliant deductive team, Jane and El Fano, on the case and they soon determined it's name, Splice Of Life! This does not seem to be a real textbook, so when it shows up on ebay next year, you know it's a real prop. I thought maybe Andrew Garfield was sketching out his Spidey suit atop the roof, like Tobey did before him, but either this is a brilliant bit of foreshadowing or our super smart student is researching his new changes.
Also I snapped a pic of a crew member sporting this shirt. I orginally thought it might have some other clue to the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man, but it appears to be a vintage cover. Can any comic book afficianados confirm?